Women are making a difference in the success of PHCP-PVF companies throughout our industry. Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our fourth annual look at some of the many women enjoying productive industry careers and their thoughts on their current positions, how they broke into the business and their advice for young women considering a career in the industry.

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Cheree Bowden

1. Cheree Bowden

Company: Falls Plumbing Supply (Idaho Falls, Idaho)
Position: Secretary of Treasurer and Outside Sales (12 1/2 years)

Cheree says: "TM Sales always has given me opportunities to move up in the company and always has believed in by abilities. TM Sales is not your typical corporate company. We are a family. We work together as a unit with common goals. This is not a job, it’s a career and a way of life."


Patricia Burgess

2. Patricia Burgess

Company: JABO Supply (Huntington, West Virginia)
Position: Actuation and Controls Manager (40 years)

Patricia says: “We have the flexibility to make decisions and adjust schedules, if necessary, to meet the needs of our customers."


Molly Rhea Caplenor

3. Molly Rhea Caplenor

Company: American Bath Group (Santa Rosa Beach, Florida)
Position: Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships (2 years)

Molly says: "Find a mentor who has had a variety of experiences in the industry and one who maintains a healthy work/life balance. One of the greatest aspects about the women in our industry is the support we give one another. We root for each other, we help each other and we truly want each other to reach their fullest potential."


Stephanie Cook


4. Stephanie Cook

Company: Northeastern Supply
Position: Director of Training and Safety (1 1/2 years)

Stephanie says: "Be open-minded to the many different types of positions available in the industry. Not everyone is out there ‘selling toilets.’ There are an array of opportunities within the industry that allow you to utilize and expand upon your skill set."


Sharon Doss

5. Sharon Doss

Company: The Tap of Kansas (Wichita, Kansas)
Position: Director of Internet Sales/Marketing Manager/Sales (3 years)

Sharon says: "Never doubt what you can achieve. Believe in yourself. Focus on your securities, not your insecurities."


Melissa Fine

6. Melissa Fine

Company: Interstate Pipe & Supply (Grove City, Pennsylvania)
Position: Assistant Manager (2 1/2 years)

Melissa says: "I feel my opinion counts when discussing different situations. Everyone in the company works as a team with the willingness to always help each other."


Krystal Hatfield

7. Krystal Hatfield

Company: OK Pipe & Fittings (Moscow, Texas)
Position: Chief Marking Officer/Sales (with the company since 2002)

Krystal says: "I am connected to the quality of every fitting that leaves the plant floor. From quoting the project to shipping to the end user, I am 100% invested in how these products are made so I can be confident how they will perform in the field."


Laura Mustee Hendricks

8. Laura Mustee Hendricks

Company: E.L. Mustee & Sons (Cleveland, Ohio)
Position: Regional Sales Manager/Marketing Director (5 years)

Laura says: "Growing up, I was not planning on working for my family’s company forever. After two different sales positions outside the industry, I came back to the lure of profits and accomplishments. I have stayed because of the constant challenges I get to tackle and problems I get to solve."


Katie Hubach

9. Katie Hubach

Company: Signature Sales (Coronoa, California)
Position: Vice President (13 years)

Katie says: "I started in what I knew, accounting, but quickly gravitated to the sales side since I enjoy working with customers so much. My background still helps in running the business, but I am enjoying doing a lot more than debits and credits."


Jamie Meade

10. Jamie Meade

Company: Oliver Valves (Houston, Texas)
Position: General Manager

Jamie says: "My advice to a young woman who may considering joining our industry would be to find a mentor, someone willing to help you navigate in our great industry."

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