Women are making a difference in the success of PHCP-PVF companies throughout our industry. Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our third annual look at some of the many women enjoying productive industry careers and their thoughts on their current positions, how they broke into the business and their advice for young women considering a career in the industry.

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Lauren Butler

1. Lauren Butler

Company: TM Sales (Arvada, Colo.)
Position: Secretary of Treasurer and Outside Sales (12 1/2 years)

Lauren says: "TM Sales always has given me opportunities to move up in the company and always has believed in by abilities. TM Sales is not your typical corporate company. We are a family. We work together as a unit with common goals. This is not a job, it’s a career and a way of life."


Cheryl Crowther

2. Cheryl Crowther

Company: The Somerville Bath & Kitchen Store (Upper Marlboro, Md.)
Position: Showroom Director (12 years)

Cheryl says: "Every day we have the opportunity to build a relationship with a client, vendor or employee to make a difference in the world. Thos. Somerville has given me the opportunity to thrive as a woman and professional in this industry. I have the opportunity to be creative and work in a field I am passionate about."


Sheree Freeman

3. Sheree Freeman

Company: Spirit Group (Orlando, Fla.)
Position: CFO (24 years)

Sheree says: "All the details of my financial and HR responsibilities as CFO are not what I like most. I like the culture of the company we have built and enjoy working in a small business with our team. I love the people I have met and the friendships I have made. Nailing down a big order is fun, as well."


Jessica Kolaitis

4. Jessica Kolaitis

Company: Tim Morales & Associates (Mobile, Ala.)
Position: Accounting and Operations Manager (7 years)

Jessica says: "Women bring a different perspective not only to business but to the industry. Women troubleshoot, problem-solve and think differently, and in a male-dominated profession these attributes make them valuable."


Tonya Martin

5. Tonya Martin

Company: Pro Source (Greenville, S.C.)
Position: Director of Showrooms and Advertising/Owner (22 years)

Tonya says: "What still makes my day is when I have a homeowner come into the showroom and make selections. They have no idea what they want or if they can afford what they want. After listening and thinking outside the box I find a fit that meets their style and budget. When they leave they are so happy they found what they needed and wanted."


Shannon Mercil

6. Shannon Mercil

Company: Hajoca (Ardmore, Pa.)
Position: Vendor Relations Manager (18 years)

Shannon says: "Female leadership demonstrates excellent abilities in collaboration and building relationships. We are in a very fast-paced and changing environment and relationship building and collaboration have never been more important."


Tammy Powles

7. Tammy Powles

Company: Elkay Mfg. Co. (Oak Brook, Ill.)
Position: Showroom Regional Manager (2 years)

Tammy says: "Attracting women into the industry is another important factor for success. Diverse teams are the strongest and most successful. Women often have a special way of seeing the details of a project and can find and highlight the beauty of things."


Jessica Schussler

8. Jessica Schussler

Company: The KB Design Studio (Miami, Fla.)
Position: Showroom Manager (7 years)

Jessica says: "This industry is comprised of so many avenues women can excel in. There is nothing more exciting than when I meet women who are engineers for manufacturers or on the national sales level or who own their own companies. We need to break the barrier and start thinking of this industry as a common place for women in all avenues."


Katherine Scull

9. Katherine Scull

Company: Ferguson Enterprises (Newport News, Va.)
Position: Director of Branch Management, Washington, D.C., 21 years

Katherine says: "It’s an exciting time for our industry. There are a lot of great opportunities for women to learn, excel and lead. Don’t be afraid to work hard and take on new challenges. It’s these values that will help you meet your professional career goals while also helping improve an already great industry."


Lani Smith

10. Lani Smith

Company: Moen (North Olmested, Ohio)
Position: Senior Remodel & Design Manager, New England (5 years)

Lani says: "I love my job. Every day is something new. I enjoy selling and interacting with my wholesale partners as well as designers and remodelers."

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