Women are making a difference in the success of PHCP-PVF companies throughout our industry. Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our fourth annual look at some of the many women enjoying productive industry careers and their thoughts on their current positions, how they broke into the business and their advice for young women considering a career in the industry.

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Chrissy Nardini

11. Chrissy Nardini

Company: American Metals Supply (Hazelwood, Missouri)
Position: President (22 years)
Chrissy says: “Distribution is fun and challenging, especially as we establish our relevance in this time of Amazon and other competitors. Finding the right company for a rewarding future is most important. Have an open mind and look for companies that will offer opportunity.”


Michelle Roberts

12. Michelle Roberts

Company: LIXIL Water Technology Americas (Piscataway, New Jersey)
Position: Senior National Project Manager-Multi-Unit Dwellings (32 years)

Michelle says: "Do not be afraid of becoming part of the traditionally 'male-dominated industry.' It has changed and it is fantastic. If you like a challenge and want to be part of an industry that will keep you challenged over the span of your career, then plumbing is for you."


Jen Schmitt

13. Jen Schmitt

Company: Schmitt ProfitTools (St. Louis, Missouri)
Position: President (23 years)

Jen says: "Although this is a family business, my parents were very supportive of me finding my own way in or outside the business. I have worked through almost every position in the company. Working my way up gave me a clear understanding of the challenges our team faces in their respective jobs."


Tricia Simonelli

14. Tricia Simonelli

Company: Mullen Corp. (St. Petersburg, Florida)
Position: Outside Sales (2 1/2 years)

Tricia says: "There is never a dull day. I enjoy conversing daily with new people as well as building relationships. To get to help with a project and see the outcome is a daily reward."


Judie Spain

15. Judie Spain

Company: ROI Marketing (Millersville, Maryland)
Position: VP Operations (5 years)

Judie says: "If this industry piques your interest, by all means you owe it to yourself to join it. You will be successful doing something you like that challenges you."


Meghan Tallman

16. Meghan Tallman

Company: KM Sales (Denver, Colorado)
Position: Office Manager/Order Management/Inside Sales (6 years)

Meghan says: "Be open-minded, treasure what you learn and run with it. There always will be struggles to overcome. Work hard and enjoy the journey."


Lindsay Taylor

17. Lindsay Taylor

Company: Rampart Supply (Colorado Springs, Colorado)
Position: Marketing Director (11 years)

Lindsay says: "The longer I work for Rampart the longer the list gets of things I like about working here. Work-life balance is so important in today’s fast-moving environment and Rampart is an employer that understands just that"


Laura Tofte

18. Laura Tofte

Company: Auer Steel & Heating Supply (Plymouth, Minnesota)
Position: Director of Marketing (15 years)

Laura says: "Don Curtes, our CEO, is 82 years old and exudes more passion for this industry than anyone I have ever met. His energy is contagious. He pushes all of us every day to be our best and to never take our foot off the gas."


Jennifer Williams

19. Jennifer Williams

Company: DDI System (Sandy Hook, Connecticut)
Position: Director of West Coast Operations, Inform ERP Software (5 years)

Jennifer says: "Don’t be afraid of change. While it can be difficult, change allows us to grow and be exposed to so many more things than we ever thought possible."


Donna Zinckmoore

20. Donna Zinckmoore

Company: The Portland Group/Splash and Spritzo (North Billerica, Massachusetts)
Position: Director of Retail Operations (31 years)

Donna says: "So many people at The Portland Group have been with the company for years. This only reinforces the fact that if you treat your employees well, they will treat your company well."

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