Young talents continue to make an impact in our industry. From counter sales to marketing to management, up-and-coming leaders are growing by the day. Supply House Times once again asked our industry partners to identify some of these rising stars. The result is the fourth annual Supply House Times Young Execs 20.


1. Stephanie Abeling, 32

Senior Accountant & Marketing,

Consumers Pipe & Supply

Fontana, Calif., 1 year

Stephanie says:“Find a mentor who is willing to share their knowledge and experiences, take you under their wing and help you work your way up the ranks. I also would recommend taking some of the ASA University training courses and attending the University of Innovative Distribution. These courses directly relate to our industry.”


2. Tommy Avery, 34

Regional Sales Manager,

Reliance Worldwide (SharkBite & Cash Acme)

Reno, Nev., 3 years (15 years in the industry)

Tommy says:“Many long-time and successful individuals got into this industry because they were young, needed a job and, well, never left. That is the case for me. I began with a swing-shift job loading trucks for a local wholesaler. When I graduated from high school, I found the wholesaler I was working for was offering scholarships to qualifying employees. I applied and was accepted.”


3. John Bailey, 32

Southeast Area Manager, Kelly Pipe

Charlotte, N.C., 10 years

John says:“I was recruited into the wholesale plumbing and PVF industry right out of college and at the time was not sure what direction my career would be headed. After five years, I shifted to the master distribution level when Kelly Pipe opened a new stocking location in Charlotte for carbon-steel pipe. Throughout my 10 years, I’ve been given the opportunity to learn many facets of the PVF/steel industry.”


4. Jason DeBruer, 39

Regional Sales Manager (East),

Basco Shower Enclosures

Mason, Ohio, 8 years (16 with the company)

Jason says:“Get involved, be a sponge, learn as much as you can and network with your peers. These all are items that helped with my growth within Basco.”


5. David Dellon, 38

Executive VP/Partner, Dellon Sales

Albertson, N.Y., 11 years

David says: “I’m a fourth-generation manufacturers rep and the fifth generation serving the plumbing industry. My best learning experiences were sitting at the dinner table with my father (Scott Dellon), and often our customers or principles, learning the industry and business in general. I felt like I had earned my plumbing rep MBA before I even went to college. I knew I was going to stay in the industry I was born into for the rest of my life.”


6. Brian DiVincenzo, 37

Director, Sales U.S. Wholesale, Oatey Co.

Cleveland, Ohio, 2 years

Brian says:“I love the fact our products construct and repair infrastructure, homes and commercial buildings. The same is said for our industry. Our wholesale partners and contractors build and improve America. Our daily efforts leave a positive imprint on our country.”


7. Greg Eynon, 36

Director of National Accounts, Bradford White

Ambler, Pa., 1 year (4 years with the company)

Greg says:“I come from a family of steamfitters. I had an interest in sales and upon college graduation received a job offer for a trainee position at a boiler manufacturer. It seemed like a really natural fit. This industry is a critical part of the American economy. Bradford White, being an American-made product, contributes a lot to that on many levels.”


8. Josh Ervin, 38

Vice President, Catawba Valley Supply

Newton, N.C., 15 years

Josh says: “My perspective of our industry is a lot of people within it are going to be aging out soon. That should allow young people to more rapidly ascend within the PHCP-PVF industry.”


9. Colin Fein, 34

General Manager, Associated Marketing, Inc.

Philadelphia, Pa., 10 years

Colin says:“The most rewarding part about what I do is the ability to affect the lives of our employees. A close second is the ability to foster meaningful, positive relationships with our business partners.”


10. Noah Heller, 40

VP of New Markets, United Pipe & Steel Corp.

Ipswich, Mass., 4 years

Noah says:“I deeply believe in providing a truly exceptional service experience and making sure our customers understand how much we care about our relationship with them.”


11. Jake Hester, 39

Corporate Development Manager,

Kenny Pipe & Supply

Nashville, Tenn., 7 years (20 years with company)

Jake says: “Follow the age-old advice of ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover.’ Don’t choose your career by income potential, what you wear to work every day or the latest article you saw in the Wall Street Journal. Choose a career where you can maximize your God-given abilities in a job you enjoy with people you care about.”


12. Jack Hurley, 30

VP Sales, Commercial Pipe & Supply Corp.

Buffalo, N.Y., 6 years

Jack says:“My advice to a young person getting into the industry would be to maintain a high level of organization. There are a variety of products with a variety of applications that can be overwhelming at first. Defining a clear understanding of each is imperative to being successful in the early stages.”


13. Mike Leander, 38

Director of Industrial Sales, F.W. Webb Co.

Bedford, Mass., 2 1/2 years

Mike says: “This industry is begging for motivated, forward-thinking young people to help push it to the next level. If a young person wants to work hard and enjoy the associate benefits while learning from some of the most genuine people in any industry — do it!”


14. Christopher Mullett, 34

VP of Sales, Bradley Corp.

Milwaukee, Wis., 2 years (6 years in the industry)

Christopher says:“I love my job. As the head salesperson for our plumbing division, I get to work with every department in the company, but more importantly I get to work with our customers and reps to teach them about Bradley and all its great team members.”


15. Patrick Newland, 36

Marketing Director, Hercules Industries

Denver, Colo., 3 years

Patrick says:“Our industry still holds relationships at a very high value. I have made many friends over the years and have continued to build relationships with people I truly consider friends. If our business was transactional in nature, I would be looking for a different career.”


16. Matt Pardue, 26

Outside Sales, Deery-Pardue & Associates

Bensenville, Ill., 5 years

Matt says:“My favorite thing about the industry is its intolerance for complacency. It forces manufacturers, rep agencies, supply houses and contractors to constantly evolve and improve best practices.”


17. Jim Porter Jr., 28

Inside Side Sales, Porter Pipe & Supply Co.

Addison, Ill., 5 years

Jim says:“I love all the people in the industry and I love being part of an industry that’s helping build America. It’s also very exciting to be part of a business that is continuously growing.”


18. Christopher Rohling, 33

VP-Field Sales, Jones Stephens

Moody, Ala., 1 year (10-plus years in the industry)

Christopher says:“Your positive energy, passion and dedication will help create that career path.”


19. Reed White, 32

Director of Operations & Marketing,

George T. Sanders Co.

Denver, Colo., 3 years (7 years in the industry)

Reed says:“Having an educational background in a business-related field is extremely valuable, not only to one’s professional development, but also to businesses in our industry that are hungry for intelligent and driven young professionals to help their respective companies stay competitive in the years to come.”


20. Craig Wolsten, 26

Regional Sales Manager, American Valve

Greensboro, N.C., 3 years

Craig says:“While it may not be the sexiest industry, it’s a very dynamic field that always will be in demand for new talent. I got involved in this industry because I like a fast-paced constantly changing environment.”