Young talents continue to make an impact in our industry. From counter sales to marketing to management, up-and-coming leaders are growing by the day. Supply House Times once again asked our industry partners to identify some of these rising stars. The result is the fifth annual Supply House Times Young Execs 20.

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Gregory Aranoff

Gregory Aranoff, 37

Platsky Co. (Westbury, N.Y.)
Vice President (3 years, 13 years with company)

Gregory says: “This industry rewards those who work hard and have good ideas. If you enjoy solving problems, there is a need for you in this industry.”


Michael Billingsley

Michael Billingsley, 37

Billingsley, Barbot, Woolf, Canale (Kenner, La.)
Partner (4 years)

Michael says: “I couldn’t envision a better time to join our industry. Seize this opportunity by learning every chance you get, hon-or your commitments and strive every day to make yourself and your organization better.”


Regis Brickett

Regis Brickett, 28

Jabo Supply (Huntington, W. Va.)
Head of Purchasing (6 months)

Regis says: “When I found an opportunity to establish a home, I jumped on it. That opportunity happened to be in the PVF in-dustry. I was very lucky to end up where I am today.”


Cole Conner

Cole Conner, 27

The Distribution Point (Moody, Ala.)
Outside Sales (4 years)

Cole says: “Be aware of how small the industry really is. You will work with the same people in different capacities as your career progresses. Honesty, integrity and humility are of the utmost importance in wholesale distribution.”


Rebekah Covay

Rebekah Covay, 37

Cohn Communications
(Forte buying group)
Event Director (4 years)

Rebekah says: “Bring fresh energy and new ideas to the forefront. There always is room to be the teacher and the student in our industry.”


Kate Dellon

Kate Dellon, 31

Dellon Sales (Albertson, N.Y.)
Jack of all Trades (2 years)

Kate says: “This industry is fast-paced, fun and exciting and I learn something new every day. Being a rep agency, we get to experience it all.”


Jamon Fuller

Jamon Fuller, 39

Morrison Supply (Houston)
Account Manager-Commercial, Mechanical, PVF Sales (2 years, 15 years in industry)

Jamon says: “I knew early on it would be a fulfilling career and one where I always could provide for my family.”



Joey Fuller, 32

Texas Plumbing Supply (Houston)
Outside Sales (13 years, sales 7 years)

Joey says: “Customer service is the most important thing. Take care of your customers and they will take care of you.”



Alana Hawk, 28

Jones Stephens (Moody, Ala.)
Channel Marketing Manager (6 years)

Alana says: “There is a warm, mentoring culture among the senior leadership of our industry who always are willing to share in-formation and give of themselves.”



Adam Heil, 29

Coyle Supply (Granite City, Ill.)
Marketing Manager (2-plus years)

Adam says: “I started as a delivery driver in college. Working for Coyle has taught me to think critically, work in the short run while planning for the long and to appreciate the difference in abilities to bring about efficiency.”