Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our sixth annual look at some of the many young professionals enjoying productive industry careers.

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Barnes | Cooper | Crane | Gibson | Hubbard | Neukirchner | Schilly | Ward | Williams | Woodward | Papa | Holohan Haskell | Barash | Chikhani | Jackson

Beth Barnes

Beth Barnes, 35

Hulbert Supply (Plattsburgh, New York)
Vice President (7 years)

Beth says: “I absolutely love helping others. From a customer who has a problem with a leaky pipe to a complete redesign of a bathroom or kitchen, our customers are looking to us as experts. It’s a joy to be able to fi nd a solution for them and see their faces shine.”


Zack Cooper

Zack Cooper, 32

Zoeller Pump Co. (Louisville, Kentucky)
Midwestern Sales Manager (10 years)
Zack says: “Much of the plumbing industry consists of veterans nearing the end of their careers. We need young people to step in now to gain the knowledge of these veterans and carry on the expertise they have to share. With technology advancements, the younger generation also has so much they can bring in and add fresh perspectives to our industry.”


Wray Crane

Wray Crane, 29

Bradford White (Ambler, Pennsylvania)
Regional Sales Manager, South Central (6 years)

Wray says: “As one of Bradford White’s newest regional sales managers, guidance is priceless. Not only am I given the opportunity to learn from six other extremely talented regional sales managers and an entire business development team, but also have sound auidance from our national sales manager, VP of sales, president, COO and CEO”


Tobi Gibson

Tobi Gibson, 33

TM Sales (Arvada, Colorado)
Sales Manager (10 years)

Tobi says: “If we do not start creating a new wave of tradespeople, who will fix things when they are broken? I always joke with people when asked about my job that I am a salesperson of things that nobody cares about until they are broken. People underestimate how
important plumbers and mechanical contractors are, but without them who will you call?”


Keith Hubbard

Keith Hubbard, 37

Ferguson District Manager Northern California/
Northern Nevada (16 years)

Keith says: “Young individuals are the next generation and it is our responsibility to ensure the long-lasting success of our industry by growing and developing the next generation.”


Corrie Neukirchner

Corrie Neukirchner, 35

REHAU (Leesburg, Virginia) Director Marketing
and Communications/Americas (9 years)

Corrie says: “A lot of young people might think there are far shinier industries. It’s certainly what I used to think when I was in college. But as you start working with our industry’s hard-working professionals, you start gaining a new level of respect and desire to support them and everybody else in this industry.”


Wayne Schilly

Wayne Schilly, 32

American Valve (Greensboro, North Carolina)
Global Sourcing & QA Manager (9 years)

Wayne says: “American Valve is a family-owned company and has been in the Guterman family for generations. Being able to talk directly to every department within the company allows the family culture to live and prosper as well as creating efficiencies that do not exist in a corporate style.”


Justin ward

Justin ward, 37

Gray Hodges Corp. (Knoxville, Tennessee)
Director of Purchasing (6 years)

Justin says: “I was given an opportunity to interview for a sales position at a local employee-owned plumbing and cabinet supply company (Gray Hodges). Two promotions, a couple of mentors, a buy-in of ownership and 10 years later, I don’t see myself leaving the
industry until I’ve reached retirement.”


Emilie Williams

Emilie Williams, 36

LIXIL Americas
Associate Design Director (3 1/2 years)

Emilie says: “Technology is not just changing the way products are designed, but how they are manufactured. We are revamping a 150-plus-year-old industry. If you are into innovating, plumbing has so much potential and is changing rapidly.”


Erin Woodward

Erin Woodward, 34

Uponor North America (Apple Valley, Minnesota) Brand/Corp.
Social Responsibility Manager (2 years)

Erin says: “I appreciate that Uponor is continually innovating for the benefit of our customers and the world. We know how to move water better than anyone else and are using that expertise to address global trends and create intelligent water solutions that differentiate us.”


John Papa

John Papa, 26

AquaMotion (Warwick, Rhode Island)
Product Engineer (2 years)

John says: “I like that I work for a company that promotes independent thinking toward product design but also understands each member of our team is integral in working together to achieve our goals.”


Erin Holohan Haskell

Erin Holohan Haskell, 36
President (11 years)

Erin says: “I’ve met many bright and driven young professionals on and through my work as vice president of Women in Energy. There are many opportunities for the next generation to make their mark in our industry.”


Brendan Barash

Brendan Barash, 36

Associate Product Manager (2 years)

Brendan says: “Nu-Calgon is a family-owned company that treats each of its employees as part of the family. Nu-Calgon has given me the opportunity to explore what I enjoy most in the PHCP-PVF industry, which is being a product manager.”


Nikki Chikhani

Nikki Chikhani, 36

Apollo Flow Controls
Regional Sales Director (1 year)

Nikki says: “I always have enjoyed helping customers find solutions and ensuring their projects run smoothly. Working for Apollo, we truly are a winning team, growing stronger every day.”


Jeremiah “JJ” Jackson

Jeremiah “JJ” Jackson, 33

Erne Fittings USA
Regional Account Manager (3 years)

Jeremiah says: “A few colleagues and I have created a networking group to address this very topic [of attracting young professionals]. The PVF Young Professionals (a part of the PVF Roundtable) started a few years back and we focus primarily on attracting young talent to our industry.”

List Overview:

Barnes | Cooper | Crane | Gibson | Hubbard | Neukirchner | Schilly | Ward | Williams | Woodward | Papa | Holohan Haskell | Barash | Chikhani | Jackson

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