If you want to grow your company quickly, you need to think about it the right way. You’re not selling, you’re helping. You’re not imposing, you’re providing great value. Ask your customers, they’ll tell you. Here are some additional revenue growth truisms:

Marketing is the Low-Hanging Fruit. If you want to grow your business, there is nothing you can do – not even sales meetings – that will grow your company faster, easier and more effectively than good marketing. Sales is one-on-one. Marketing is one-to-many. Marketing allows people to raise their hands and volunteer themselves as being interested in your work. Marketing feeds your salespeople. Marketing feeds your family.

Effective Marketing Requires The Right Mindset. Which is to say, you cannot out-market, or out-sell, or out-produce your mindset. If you think products or services, that’s what you will market. If, conversely, you believe you are improving lives and growing businesses, that is what you will market. Since marketing is nothing more than a transference of perceptions (yours, onto your market), good marketing begins between your ears.

Here, then, are the major mindset shifts required to improve your marketing:

You don’t sell products and services, you improve lives and companies. There’s such a massive difference between these two beliefs that this shift can actually mean seven figures in additional sales for most of you reading this. If you tell me you sell products or services, I think you’re a commodity and I’m bored. If, conversely, you tell me you can help me grow my business and as a result I can achieve my dreams, you will have my undivided attention (and probably some of my money, too).

You’re not imposing on prospects’ time, you’re availing them of your tremendous value. When you believe that you’re in the business of improving lives and growing companies, you don’t hesitate to pick up the phone to tell people about the great value they’re missing out on if they don’t do business with you.

The effective mindset is “I believe in my value and will shamelessly communicate it to clients and prospects.” Unfortunately, too many members think “I don’t want to bother my prospects.”

Here’s the truth: You are doing prospects a disservice by not informing them of how you can help them. You owe it to them! They deserve to know.

This next mindset shift one is huge, with tremendous implications for your company’s success:

Effective revenue growers take action instead of over-thinking, over-planning and under-executing.

Want to know the key to marketing more? It’s marketing more. This is how easy it is. There is no secret or magic to growing your business besides taking more action. That’s it. 

If you want to grow your business, market.

If you want to market better, or more, then believe in your value and focus your mind (and your messaging) on how people are better off after working with you, rather than on your products and services.

And, in the name of all things revenue and growing bank accounts, take action!

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