4 myths of revenue growth
Alex L. Goldfayn, Network 2014 General Session Presenter

I am thrilled to be delivering the general session at ASA’s annual convention, NetworkASA 2014, on Wednesday, Sept. 10 in Las Vegas.


My topic — and my consultancy — focuses on fast revenue growth:

My typical clients grow by 15 to 20% in their first year with me. They do so by applying simple, no-cost marketing techniques, the same ones I will be presenting in Las Vegas.


My experience is that most people have it all it wrong about revenue growth:

Too many business leaders believe that increasing the top line is a sales effort. It’s not. Actually, if you want to grow your organization, marketing is the fastest, easiest and most impactful behavior you can engage in. In fact, marketing grows companies faster and easier than sales! That’s because sales effort can only be executed with one prospective customer at a time. You can’t sell to 12 companies at once. But you can market to 12, or 120, or 1,200. There’s no limit.


All it takes is effort

Next, most people believe it takes financial investment to generate new revenue. “It takes money to make money” is a widely accepted truth, right? Well, it’s not the truth. It’s lazy and asinine. It doesn’t take money to make money. It takes a bit of personal effort and attention. Think about it: in our era of easy communication, how many real, personal communications do you receive in a day? I’m talking about personal calls and emails written by somebody you know, just to you? Effort is required to grow revenue, not money.

The 4 myths of Revenue Growth by Alex L. Goldfayn


  • It’s a sales pursuit
  • It requires money
  • It’s too complicated
  • It requires a lot of time


  • It’s a marketing pursuit
  • It requires effort
  • It’s quite simple
  • It only requires 15 minutes per day

It’s not complicated

The third significant misconception about revenue growth is that it’s complicated. “It’s hard to grow sales,” people often say. No, it’s not. It’s easy. It’s downright simple. Here’s what’s required: systematically communicating your value to people who can buy it. (That’s my definition of marketing, by the way.) Just tell people how they’ll improve if they buy from you. How will I be better off if we do business? Don’t tell me about your products or services. Tell me about their value to me. Do that and your business will grow.


It only takes 15 minutes per day

Finally, most people believe that growing the top line requires a lot of time. In fact, that’s often the excuse I hear from business leaders: “I’m too busy, I just don’t have the time.” Well, the good news is that it doesn’t take hours every day to grow your company. It doesn’t even take an hour, or a half-hour for that matter. It takes 15 minutes per day. That’s it. Give me 15 minutes of communication action each day, and I will arm you with the techniques that will grow your revenue.


To summarize

Revenue growth is a marketing pursuit, not a sales one; it requires effort, not financial investment; it’s quite simple to attain; and it only requires 15 minutes per day.

Sound interesting? I’ll tell you exactly what to do in those 15 minutes on Sept. 10 in Las Vegas.

I can’t wait to see you there!