My clients add 10 to 20% to their top line annually every year they implement my approaches.

As a result, people frequently ask me what the secret to this kind of predictable and consistent sales growth is.

My answer is that there is no secret.

There is no magic bullet.

There is only the work.

The grind is secret.

Except it’s not really a secret.

It’s not anything people don’t know, is it?

People know this already.

In fact, you already know everything you need to know to grow your sales aggressively and consistently.

You do it by offering your customers additional products and services which they are currently buying elsewhere.

You grow sales by using the phone instead of email, and calling people who aren’t calling you on a regular basis.

You grow by asking for the business every time you speak to a customer.

You grow by asking for referrals, obtaining testimonials and then communicating those testimonials to prospects.

But you already know this.

And that’s the thing: knowing what to do is different than doing what we know, isn’t it?

Nearly everybody reading this right now — and nearly everyone in the sales profession right now — knows what to do.

But knowing won’t make you one dollar.

Not one.

It’s the doing that makes the money.

It’s the doing that feeds our family, isn’t it?

Here’s another shocking truth: Most people in the sales profession don’t consistently do what we know we should to grow our sales.


Why we don’t do what we know we should do

Because we’re busy. I know you’re not sitting around with lots of free time.

And because we think it takes a lot of time, but, actually, it doesn’t. A “did you know” question takes three seconds to ask (did you know we also have or do X?). So does a “reverse did you know question” (what do you buy elsewhere that I can help you with?).

Because we’re afraid of rejection and upsetting the customer. Fear shapes our lives. We do what we can to avoid the life-or-death scenarios (losing the customer) we are afraid of.

Because it’s risky and uncomfortable, and who wants that? We humans aren’t generally wired to avoid risk and discomfort.

Because we think we may not know exactly how to do it and we don’t want to screw it up. We don’t want to look bad. We think it’s complicated. Except, actually, it is not. It is absurdly simple.

It all boils down to making ridiculously fast and absurdly simple communications to customers and prospects — repeatedly and systematically.

There’s your secret.

There is your grind. 


Truths about doing the work

As I work with manufacturers, distributors, service companies and their salespeople to grow revenue by 10-20% annually, for years, I have come to understand some simple truths: The competition isn’t doing what they know they should do either. We think they are, but they are not. We think our customers get phone calls all the time, all day long. But they do not. We think everybody is asking our customers for testimonials and referrals, but in reality, pretty much nobody is.

Next, customers want us to do this work. They crave it. As a part of my revenue growth projects with clients, I interview their customers. So many of them tell me how important regular contact is to them. They tell me how much they appreciate it when my client calls them and visits them.

“Doesn’t that bother or annoy you?,” I ask them, knowing the answer even as I ask the question.

“Not at all,” they say. “It tells me they care.”

Communicating with your customers and prospects systematically and repeatedly shows them that you care.

And finally, just as outside competition is not implementing the communications that grow sales, neither are your internal sales colleagues. And so, it is a fast and simple way to advance through your organization.

Want to make your money?

Want to advance in your company?

Want to help your customers more?

Communicate more with them, intentionally and proactively.

Be present.

Show them that you care.

And they will thank you with their money.


To implement these simple communications to grow your sales 10-20% annually, contact Alex directly at 847-459-6322. Alex Goldfayn is the author of the Wall Street Journal Best Seller Selling Boldly and the Forbes sales book of the year The Revenue Growth Habit. Visit for more information.