ASA University’s Master of Distribution Management Program (MDM) reached a milestone of more than 100 students participating in the program, further solidifying the excitement for the future of the PHCP-PVF industry.

MDM was designed and built by leading experts and industry veterans, and delivers training to future leaders of the industry focused on the following key competencies:

  • Strategic decision-making;
  • Delegating responsibility and follow-up;
  • Planning and organizing;
  • Improving communication;
  • Building trust and gaining commitment;
  • Coaching and developing others;
  • Managing conflict; and
  • Technical and professional skills

Set up by these competencies, MDM sharpens the leadership and management skills and prepares each participant to make a difference in their company, all with confidence.

MDM students set their own pace through the program; the flexible approach to training gives candidates, employers and mentors the ability to work through the curriculum as work demands shift.

“MDM sharpened my leadership and management skills and helped me put what I learned into practice,” said Efrain Garcia, branch manager at Southern California-based Hirsch Pipe & Supply. “It provided me with tremendous tools, ensuring that I could balance work and the curriculum all while planning my capstone project. MDM offered the confidence-building, training and support I needed for my professional and management style development. I recommend MDM and ASA University to anyone looking to better themselves professionally.”

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