Developing employees has always been a priority for Industrial Valco, but existed without a formalized structure. 

The Rancho Dominguez-based industrial PVF master distributor recently refreshed its company values, represented by the acronym REAP: Resourceful, Ethical, Accountable, Passionate. This brought to focus the need for expanded training and a more formalized approach to its development goals. 

These updated values are the foundation for everything Industrial Valco does, from how it conducts business, to how it hires and trains staff. With a goal to grow a team that embodies these values, elevate its existing employees and to effectively onboard new team members, Industrial Valco leadership sought a training program that focused on expanding skill sets that also aligned with the company’s REAP program. Additionally, it was important team members had a systematic training pathway they could follow throughout their career that could also be documented, tracked and evaluated. 


With a long and trusted relationship already established with ASA, Industrial Valco looked nowhere other than ASA University to help build its training program. 

In early 2019, the leadership team visited the ASA offices to kick off the project and share more about the goals of the program. Once back home, the first step included gathering feedback from company managers, which made it instantly clear that training was needed on all aspects of the supply chain, and that the priority would be placed on the sales, warehouse, purchasing and accounting departments.

ASA-U advisors collected the program goals from the leadership, the needs and challenges faced by the management team, and utilized the resources available through ASA University to build custom online training tracks for each area of focus. Each track was phased out to build the needed pathways, including a phase for any new hires in a particular department. Industrial Valco officially launched its new training program at the end of 2019.  



  • 6 custom training tracks specialized for specific roles 
  • Ability to track employee progress through ASA-U 
  • Clear connection between training content & REAP values 


Just over six months after rolling out the training program, Industrial Valco has already experienced a return on its training investment. Employees have embraced the REAP values, as well as exhibited both personal and professional growth. Employees are more resourceful, act ethically, own their actions, and are passionate about the business following their training. As a result, leadership has witnessed an overall boost to their company culture, further validating the REAP values.