Young executives are making a difference in the success of PHCP-PVF companies throughout our industry. Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our seventh annual look at some of the many young professionals enjoying productive industry careers.

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Jon Chisholm

1. Jon Chisholm, 40

CMC Supply (Roanoke, Virginia)
Virginia Division Manager (21 years)

Jon says: “Get involved and get engaged with a goal to learn as much as you can about how this industry works and the products it takes to make it all come together.”


Marlee Poitinger Gannon

2. Marlee Poitinger Gannon, 28

Oatey Co. (Cleveland, Ohio)
National Accounts Manager (3 years)
Marlee says: “To this day, I am amazed at the high caliber of talent this industry holds within manufacturers, sales agencies and distributors. I feel fortunate to constantly be learning from these professionals.”


Kevin Ismert

3. Kevin Ismert, 32

Sioux Chief Mfg. (Kansas City, Missouri)
Regional Sales Manager (5 years)

Kevin says: “Knowledge is power. I highly recommend taking advantage of all opportunities to learn more about the plumbing industry. The more knowledge you have on product, installations, practices and the industry as a whole, the more credible you become to your customer.”


Shannon Johnson

4. Shannon Johnson, 35

Central States Group (Omaha, Nebraska)
Inside Sales (7 years)

Shannon says: “Ask questions! I have asked more questions than I care to count and continue to do so on a daily basis. I continue to learn and leave with a new nugget of information on a daily basis.”


Alex Long

5. Alex Long, 31

Jones Stephens (Moody, Alabama)
Regional Sales Manager-Central/Southeast (2 years)

Alex says: “Jones Stephens treats its employees as entrepreneurs. It is very high paced. If you are open, adaptable and work hard, the sky is the limit.”


Blake Luse

6. Blake Luse, 37

Ferguson (Newport News, Virginia)
Director of Ferguson Ventures (14 years)

Blake says: “I’ve been at Ferguson now for 14 years and some say that’s 'just getting started around here.' We have so many talented associates that are committed to Ferguson and the customer. It’s because of that team and commitment that I’ve been successful.”


Isabela Montoya

7. Isabela Montoya, 29

TORRCO (Waterbury, Connecticut)
Human Resources (1 year)

Isabela says: “I often find up-and-coming generations have a preconceived notion of what the plumbing/HVAC supply house environment entails, especially in women. Through my experiences I have learned there is much more to the business than selling plumbing supplies. This industry is so di-verse and always is growing.”


Dan New

8. Dan New, 38

Mid-City Supply (Elkhart, Indiana)
Vice President of Administration (8 1/2 years)

Dan says: “The best part of working at Mid-City is the people. I feel very fortunate that I have a job where I enjoy what I do. The main reason I enjoy what I do is I get to work with great people.”



9. Ryan Pinnock, 27

Peabody Supply (Hajoca Corp., Waltham, Massachusetts)
General Manager (5 years)

Ryan says: “I love the entrepreneurial spirit Hajoca provides. All major business decisions are made by the manager. This unique culture gives Hajoca a small-business feel.”


Ken Powell

10. Ken Powell, 38

F.W. Webb (Bedford, Massachusetts)
Market Manager, Industrial (12 years)

Ken says: “My advice to anyone entering the industry is to come in with an open mind and patience. Listen to your leaders, your colleagues and, most importantly, your customer. The knowledge they will share with you surely will contribute to your success.”


Chris Wolff

11. Chris Wolff, 33

Wolff Bros. Supply (Medina, Ohio)
AVP-Business Development (13 years)

Chris says: “What are you waiting for? A career in distribution can be extremely rewarding and fulfilling. Not only is it a resilient industry, but one that has limitless potential.”


Kevin Young

12. Kevin Young, 31

C&L Supply (Vinita, Oklahoma)
Director, Inside Sales (8 years)

Kevin says: “There is plenty of room for growth in this industry, especially for a young professional. If you want to be challenged and like to problem-solve in a growing industry, this could be for you.”

List Overview:

Chisholm | Gannon | Ismert | Johnson | Long | Luse | Montoya | New | Pinnock | Powell | Wolff | Young

To viewSupply House Times Young Executives Spotlight part 2.

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