Young executives are making a difference in the success of PHCP-PVF companies throughout our industry. Supply House Times asked our industry partners to tell us about these difference-makers. The results are our seventh annual look at some of the many young professionals enjoying productive industry careers.

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Doherty | Gerber | Larkin | Lavin | Leonard | Madden | Milford | Moss | Potgeter | Reese | Reinert | Walker

Brennan Doherty

1. Brennan Doherty, 29

MIFAB (Chicago, Illinois)
National Specifications Manager (2 years)

Brennan says: “What I like the most about MIFAB is that if I see a way to make our company stronger, I’m empowered to do so. The only thing standing between me and change is the effort I need to put forth to create it.”


Matthew Gerber

2. Matthew Gerber, 32

Mueller Streamline Co. (Dallas, Texas)
Regional Vice President-HVACR (9 years)
Matthew says: “One culture thing I like in particular is how our company takes pride in everything it does. That includes not only the manufacturing of products, but also the way it invests in its people.”


Jonathan Larkin

3. Jonathan Larkin, 35

Ward Manufacturing (Blossburg, Pennsylvania)
Northeast Sales Director (1.5 years)

Jonathan says: “This industry is very top-heavy in experienced and knowledgeable people willing to share their insight. This industry has no ceiling. If you work hard, it will be noticed.”


Nick Lavin

4. Nick Lavin, 34

Connor Co. (Peoria, Illinois)
General Manager (10 years)

Nick says: “Listen to the people who have made the company what it is today and listen to the customers who have bought from you for years. That will help you find what is needed for future success.”


Patrick Leonard

5. Patrick Leonard, 33

McWane Plumbing Group (Birmingham, Alabama)
Director of National Accounts (12 years)

Patrick says: “My advice to the next generation would be not to underestimate how the plumbing industry can bring you to places you never thought you would go.”


Rebecca Madden

6. Rebecca Madden, 28

ThermOmegaTech (Warminster, Pennsylvania)
Marketing Manager (3 years)

Rebecca says: “If you are an ambitious, young professional looking to advance in your career quickly, do it. We need smart, capable young people to join the industry now so they can learn from the older generations who know the ins and outs of the industry.”


Tim Milford

7. Tim Milford JR., 29

Milford Supply Co. (St. Louis, Missouri)
Vice President of Sales (13 years)

Tim says: “I love being able to work with family. Both my parents, Tim Sr. (president and CEO) and Rita (lead showroom manager), are extremely active, as well as other family members. I love the freedom we have. If you think you can make an improvement, it’s never a question of how much, it’s about owning the project, implementing it correctly and making things better for the company and our customers.”



8. Justin Moss, 27 and Joshua Moss, 29

Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply (Detroit, Michigan)
Co-Vice Presidents (Joshua 7 years; Justin 5 years)

Justin and Joshua says: “We do a lot of work with the city of Detroit to help with repairs, and recently we started working with the Detroit public schools to give all students clean drinking water. We also opened the first decorative plumbing showroom in the city. We are helping rebuild a city.”


Kyle Potgeter

9. Kyle Potgeter, 33

ETNA Supply Co. (Grand Rapids, Michigan)
Heating Sales Manager (19 years)

Kyle says: “ETNA provides the freedoms required to do the job. There isn’t micromanaging. Employees are empowered to make decisions in order to ensure a great customer experience.”


Jacob Reese

10. Jacob Reese, 26

Standard Plumbing Supply (Sandy, Utah)
Commercial Sales Manager (14 years)

Jacob says: “As I grew older I started to work during summer break at Standard. I found joy watching the relationships the plumbers developed with the Standard employees. I learned Standard wasn’t a place for people to come shop at, but there was a culture engrained in the plumbers and employees, a bond.”


Wes Reinert

11. Wes Reinert, 40

Harry Warren (Orlando, Florida)
Residential Sales Director (14 years)

Wes says: “Join the industry and tell your friends. We need to recruit young people into our industry. The people are the best part of this. We work hard and have more fun than most people know.”


Jeff Walker

12. Jeff Walker, 34

Douglasville (Georgia) Winlectric
President (9 years)

Jeff says: “I enjoy the complete autonomy of truly running my local company. This means I make 100% of the decisions at our local level. That, to me, is true freedom. Along the same line, there is no cap to the amount of income we can make. That makes Winsupply one of the most truly capitalistic companies in the United States. Essentially, the more profitable we run our operation, that will lead to more income that my team and myself will be able to earn.”

List Overview:

Doherty | Gerber | Larkin | Lavin | Leonard | Madden | Milford | Moss | Potgeter | Reese | Reinert | Walker

To view Supply House Times Young Executives Spotlight part 1.

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