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Beth Barnes
Company: Hulbert Supply (Plattsburgh, New York)
Position: Vice President (7 years)

How did you get involved in the industry?  

Upon graduating from George Washington University with my MFA in interior design, I came back to my hometown looking to jump right into the industry. However, I found my area was struggling and the benefits of interior design were not widely accepted, just decorating. In lieu of more-than-an-hour commute to build my career in another city, I broadened my horizons and looked into kitchen-and-bath design. I was interested in Hulbert Supply and called on the president of the company for a year before there was an opening. Once I entered this industry, I realized I loved being able to help others and wanted to know more about it all.

What do you like the most about your job/the company you work for?  

I absolutely love helping others. From a customer who has a problem with a leaky pipe to a complete redesign of a bathroom or kitchen, our customers are looking to us as experts. Our job is to help them with the problems at hand as well as do some detective work to figure out the right direction. It's a joy to be able to find a solution for them and see their faces shine. Every day there is something new to learn and new people to meet. You can't go wrong!

Why is important to attract young individuals into our industry? 

Our industry definitely is changing. Every year technology advances throughout the plumbing industry. More and more systems are allowing remote access and custom features from heating to showers to appliances. While this is very exciting, it also is challenging at times. The youth of our country have grown up with daily changes in technology. This skill, along with understanding the lifestyle of the upcoming generation, gives the youth the upper hand in helping the community.  While the DIY crowd has grown, there always will be a demand for experience and knowledge.  The opportunities are endless for those willing to learn and show up.