ASA University (ASA-U) is pleased to announce a series of recent updates to ASA’s online education courseware. All updated courseware boasts an entirely revamped visual design with engaging colors, graphics and layout.  Revised navigation pathways make for a more streamlined and functional experience and includes learner-driven engagement activities with several interactive elements.

Presented in an audiovisual format with accompanying transcript, an integrated search feature allows users to search for terms within the course of specific interest. Automatic bookmarking also comes standard on each course. A post-test at the conclusion of the course tests knowledge gained during the exercise.

ASA-U’s online education courses are developed in response to essential gaps in training curriculum in the wholesaler-distributor industry. Intended to cover both the basics of business in the industry and more nuanced approaches, ASA-U also offers many leadership-based professional training courses.


Essentials of Profitable Purchasing and Inventory Management for Wholesaler-Distributors

This course provides an understanding of the role of purchasing and inventory management, including definitions of common industry terms, explanations of the impact of lower prices on a supply house’s financial health, GMROI, money and non-money issues, and other issues to help employees serve their customers more effectively.

Essentials of Profitable Counter Sales for Wholesaler-Distributors

This course provides an overview of how counter sales staff contributes to a profitable wholesale-distribution operation. The course defines the key role the counter staff plays and includes in-depth treatment of key distribution concerns such as gross sales, net sale, margin and markup. Other critical concerns such as pricing, specific customer needs and how to deliver exceptional customer service are covered.


Coaching Conversations

The “Coaching Conversations” course provides a clear definition of what coaching is and how it can be used as a technique to guide an individual toward success. Discussion of accountability, commitment and producing tangible results are included. The concept and framework of goal-setting within a formal coaching structure is reviewed as well.


Coaching for Development

The “Coaching for Development” course delves deeper into the specific coaching skills required to help an individual achieve their developmental goals. Learners can find out more about active listening, traits that define a good coach, as well as behaviors to avoid.

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