All of the courses, resources, and support offered through ASA University would not be possible without the strategic oversight and vision of the ASA Education Foundation Board of Trustees (see box). With an eye on future trends in learning and development, this energetic group of volunteers is responsible for ensuring the work of ASA University and the funding provided by the Karl E. Neupert Endowment Fund is doing its best to meet the association’s goal — ASA members will attract, develop and retain a labor force that will become the best educated, best trained and most professional in the industry.

The trustees continue to drive value with their plan for the future that supports a change of culture within our industry, prepares the ASA membership for dramatic shifts in the workplace, and ultimately attracts and retains new employees. In order for our industry to successfully appeal to the best talent, it is critical that the membership is prepared to meet the demands of new and seasoned employees,  all while striving to become employers of choice.

Talent management, or processes designed to attract, develop, motivate and retain productive, engaged employees will be a key focus of the Education Foundation’s efforts going forward. 

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