Long-term success is not reserved for the large companies of our industry. The opportunity in “small” has never been stronger, but those companies and individuals focused on charting a course for growth over the next few years must tap into creativity and innovation to make the most of this opportunity. I can’t say it strongly enough: This opportunity must be seized; it will not be handed to any individual organization. It is my firm belief that only the distributors with The Innovative Distributor Mindset will be in a position to seize the tremendous opportunities the changing marketplace will present. 

Through our research I have identified the eight core mindsets of innovators throughout distribution - Energized and Optimistic, Intellectual, Think Big, Challenger, Experimenter, Doer, Value Creator and they Own The Future.

Our new Innovative Mindset assessment is a free framework and tool that you can use individually, with your leadership team and even across your company to define your propensity for leading the needed change, transformation and innovation within your company.

You can access this free tool at www.myinnovativemindset.com.