The Wayne, Pa.-based AD buying/marketing group reported sales for all AD members across all seven divisions and three countries grew by 6.3% in 2016 Q3 YTD to $26.1 billion. The growth includes ongoing members, new members and losses due to consolidation.

On a same-store basis, AD member sales grew 1%.

By country, AD U.S. was flat; AD Canada was up 6% and AD Mexico grew 25%. By industry, Electrical was flat; Plumbing, PVF & HVAC was flat; Industrial and Power Transmission was down 5%; and Building Materials was up 16%. 

Bill Weisberg, AD’s chairman and CEO, said: “There’s a saying that comes to mind for macro-economic conditions like these, ‘One of the better responses to scarcity is not to slice the pie thinner, rather it’s to figure out how to make more pies.’ AD is blessed to work with many of the most collaborative and creative independents and suppliers in this industry.”

Across all divisions and countries, member purchases from AD suppliers grew 7% and net distributions to AD members grew 12%.