AD, the $34.4 billion contractor and industrial products wholesale buying / marketing group, reported sales for all AD members across all seven divisions and three countries grew by 9% in 2016. This growth includes ongoing members, new members and losses due to consolidation.

On a same store basis, AD members grew 3%. By country, AD member U.S. same- store sales were up 2%; AD Canada was up 5% and AD Mexico grew 25%. By industry, electrical was up 1%; PHCP (plumbing, PVF and HVAC) was up 3%; Industrial was down 4%; Bearings & power transmission was flat, and building materials was up 16%. 

Bill Weisberg, AD’s chairman and CEO, said: "Despite headwinds in industrial and energy markets, and price deflation within certain large product categories, member purchases from AD suppliers grew by 9% and net distributions to AD members grew by 15%. We also had huge advancements in eCommerce, HR and Procurement Services.

“For instance, we created more than 1 million enhanced, normalized and attributed SKUs and are playing a support role to help our members refine their digital strategy and launch their webstores. Our role is to help our members compete and win, now and in the future.”