We’ve all said it or certainly thought it. “They haven’t a clue what it’s like outside the Beltway.”

That’s why 115 small businesses and more than 200 members of AD made their way to Capitol Hill in April
to advocate for issues critical to our industry.

Partnering with AD, ASAwas successful in putting together key leaders in the PHCP-PVF industry with policymakers in Washington. The timing could not have been any better as Congress leaves town soon and the end of an administration brings with it a number of unwelcome surprises.

For example, the Department of Labor is rapidly working to finalize regulations that would require employees earning up to $50,440 to convert to hourly wages and become eligible to receive overtime. No matter how it’s sliced, workers are bound to lose, not gain if these changes move forward. That is why Congress is working on a legislation fix and hundreds of small businesses like members of AD need to urge
its passage.

Todd Ford of Central States Group had a great day on Capitol Hill. “I was three-for-three meeting with my elected officials. Senators (Fisher and Sasse) were overwhelmingly generous with the time they took to listen to our concerns. It’s one thing to hear they ‘get it,’ but we need them to step up and take action. Visits like this reinforce the need to come to Washington and share your firsthand experiences with them.”

Bakersfield Pipe and Supply’s Dan Byrum has a particularly noteworthy representative from Bakersfield: Majority Leader of the House Kevin McCarthy. “Meeting with the majority leader in his Capitol office was truly an honor and a thrill,” Byrum said. “He took the time to listen how business is going and what he could do to effect change for small businesses like mine.”

Finally, Gary Bosley of Erb Co., had one of the most tangible success stories of the day when he received an email from a legislative staffer shortly after their meeting. The staffer contacted Bosley to let him know his congressman had agreed to cosponsor the Protecting Workplace Advancement and Opportunity Act, the legislation that would put a stop to the overtime regulations that are working their way through the Department of Labor.

When informed stakeholders like members of AD and ASA come to Washington, Washington listens. We can no longer rely on other, larger business groups to advocate on issues that matter to us. We need to do it ourselves! At ASA, we enable our members to “Advance your Voice,” and at AD, “Together, We Win!”