regional summit body


In late August, two-dozen volunteer leaders and staff representing ASA, MwDA, NCWA, SWA, WANE and WSA convened in Chicago to conduct a workshop focused on the overall value proposition that membership offers wholesale distributors.

According to Mike Adelizzi, “Because the vast majority of ASA’s wholesaler members maintain their membership through one of the six independent regional affiliates, those organizations continue to play an important role in helping the national association to effectively communicate and deliver on its value proposition.”

Workshop participants quickly agreed the focus of programs and services available at the local, regional levels are predominantly organized around the same cornerstones as those available from the national organization – networking, education, business intelligence and advocacy.

“Each of the organizations has its own personality and that comes as a result of trying to provide what our members value most from being part of their local, regional groups,” WSA Executive Vice President Don Robertson said. “We’re all working toward the same goal. We want to provide our members with benefits that help them continue to be profitable and sustainable in an ever-changing marketplace.”

WANE President Gary Bosley (Buffalo, N.Y.-based Erb Co.) added, “ASA is a great organization with a lot to offer any distributor that wants to remain viable, but the key to getting engaged is to participate, and that starts locally.”

Reggie Hickmanfrom Brock McVey in Lexington, Ken., and a past president of SWA added, “It really is important for the national and regional organizations to work cooperatively and in ways that complement one another’s efforts to deliver on the mission and grow a vibrant membership with participation at all levels.”

 More detailed outcomes from the workshop will be reported to ASA’s Board of Directors at its next meeting on Oct. 2 at NetworkASA 2013 in Washington, D.C., and explored in greater detail at the annual strategic planning meeting in January. A special thanks to ASA Chairman of the Board Scott Weaver (Lebanon, Pa.-based APR Supply Co.) for facilitating the workshop.