When was the last time a client came up and informed you that they would never work with your showroom again because their bathroom design did not turn out as they had envisioned? Was it your showroom's fault that the tile clashed with the floor, the lighting did not properly accent the space and the client’s in-laws did not like the kitchen faucet? Maybe never?

Now, when was the last time a client wanted to remove your head from your shoulders because your delivery truck was late, you ordered something incorrectly or a product that you were holding for months in your warehouse arrived scratched for the job?

Every day, designers, builders, plumbers and homeowners visit your showroom to wander through its beautiful, shiny displays and select elegant plumbing fixtures for their projects. But why do they choose your showroom? It's simple: you have created a well-run business. Even the best showroom consultant cannot retain a good client if they lack support.

You showcase attractive products, and you do not shy away when issues arise. You ensure timely delivery of products to the job site, and your knowledgeable team efficiently handles any problems that may occur during the project. Your clients have confidence that you will be there for them over the years, working on both new and old projects. While shiny showrooms may attract people, it is the combination of a visually appealing space and a solid infrastructure that truly generates orders.

But you already knew that. In fact, any plumbing company without a solid and forward-thinking infrastructure team will not survive. But if it is vital to the success of both your company and your clients, why aren't you shouting it from the mountain top? Do your valued clients know this? Do your emerging network of designers, builders, plumbers, and homeowners give it enough thought, or do they simply take it for granted until they need to depend on your structure? When was the last time your social media post was about your rock-solid operational team?

Shiny showrooms often post images of amazing kitchens, beautiful bathrooms and the latest faucets. That's nice, but how about a 30-second video panning through your warehouse, showcasing the abundance of products for various projects? Maybe a quick interview with one of your drivers, describing an amazing house where they dropped off a luxurious bathtub? Never forget, people want to buy beautiful fixtures where the cool people do. If your warehouse is full and your drivers are delivering to amazing houses, you are working with the top of the top. And once people lean that, they will visit your showroom.

These types of postings differentiate your brand from your competitors. Step away from the continuous flow of pretty projects and begin reminding your targeted market that your showroom offers much more to make them look good. When a designer refers their clients to your showroom and your team consistently delivers beyond expectations, it not only enhances the client's experience but also reflects positively on the designer's business. This is what truly helps their business thrive beyond mere aesthetics.

"Never underestimate the power of reminding your customers why they love doing business with you. It strengthens loyalty and drives repeat business."
— Tony Robbins

Plus, showcasing your solid infrastructure will allow you to change your argument against cheap internet sites from "You get what you pay for" to "You get what you see."

Here are a few simple steps to bring your infrastructure out of the back room and into the spotlight:

  • On your website's "About" page, include your "behind-the-scenes" team. Showcase every driver, warehouse, customer service, and accounting employee. Let your customers see the faces that represent your brand.
  • Once a month make a social media post on an operations team moments:
    • Interview a driver on a special delivery, highlighting aspects like the site, speed, or anything that makes it exceptional.
    • Interview a warehouse staff member who went above and beyond to assist a customer.
    • Share visuals of your well-stocked warehouse once a year.
  • Share videos from actual manufacturing factory visits, featuring yourself or a team member in the factory. This conveys a powerful message that you know your vendors and choose to purchase from those who genuinely produce the products.
  • Remind your showroom consultants to note during specification meetings how deep your operation team is, how you deliver and your talented commitment to customer service. Some new clients may think this simple “talk” but this talk with remind your good clients how you walk the walk.
  • For those new, skeptical clients, take them out of the showroom and walk them through your overflowing warehouse. Let them to see first-hand how many people trust you with their bathrooms and kitchens.
  • If you do not bill for delivery, note that on the quote. No charge for regular, scheduled deliveries. It may be market stakes but it never hurts to remind people what you do behind the scenes.

None of this is very difficult you just need to add it to your mix.

Building a good business is remarkable event and keeping it alive and well, more so. Do not keep it a secret.

If you would like to discuss this in more depth, please reach out to me on LinkedIn.