According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, freight transportation activity has increased in recent years along with the total number of freight transportation related fatalities, reaching 5,653 in 2019, a 31.8% increase compared to just 10 years prior.

Trucking accidents accounted for 88.6% of all freight transportation fatalities and 13.1% of all highway fatalities in 2019. Most fatalities involve passenger travel on highways. (Washington, DC: 2019). Now ask yourself, would you want one of your drivers to be a part of those statistics?

The ASA Safety Committee and ASA Association Partner Federated Insurance recently hosted a free ASA-member webinar “How to Keep Your Drivers Safe (In Any Conditions),” where Federated Insurance Staff Consultant Matt Brandel talked about best practices when driving in the winter season. The webinar discussed how to keep fleet drivers cautious in adverse weather and prepare them with the tools needed to remain safe on the road – in any condition.

Also from the webinar:

“Severe winter weather can be both dangerous and frightening when driving. Prepare yourself with important safety rules and tips for dealing with winter road emergencies – your life, or the lives of your employees, could depend on it!”

This webinar can be accessed by employees of ASA member companies on-demand through the MyASA portal at