Regular and structured training in the workplace is proven to increase productivity, engagement, employee retention and efficiency.

But getting a training program launched at work can be overwhelming. There are so many questions to be answered. Should I plan for unique career paths or set a one-size-fits-all program? Or train based on immediate needs? What sort of training should I do for our up-and-coming leaders? How do I create job descriptions and assessments? How do I get buy-in and hold accountability?

These questions and more are answered in ASA’s ADVISE program, a training advisory service designed to help our members navigate the complex world of learning and development. Learn and network with other industry professionals with ASA University advisors guiding your way as we help set you on the path to creating an effective training program for your team or company.

You don’t have to start from scratch, and you don’t have to take on this immense task alone. Engage in meaningful conversations, gain the tools you need and take the steps to developing your employees and advancing your company. Join ASA’s ADVISE and turn your training hopes into reality.

Although our dynamic program is always evolving to meet the needs of our members, here’s a taste of what you can expect to get with ADVISE:

Phase 1: Assess your company’s needs and current training policies in your “strategy workbook.”

Phase 2: Join other ASA members in a dynamic workshop where we brainstorm, discuss challenges, educational best practices, and strategy with useful solutions, and prepare you to launch a practical and sustainable training program that works.

Phase 3: Over the course of several sessions, we continue our conversations and lessons. We brainstorm how to leap over real-life hurdles that are unique to your business. Guest speakers from job roles that you want to interview join us to discuss organizational issues in our industry to help you gain different perspectives.

Throughout the program, we set you on the path to success with ASA facilitator-guided workshops where your groups work on foundational items, such as job descriptions, competencies and evaluations. We guide you as we explore resources and help with building an implementation plan for your training goals.

These additional solution-based seminars demonstrate philosophies on how to navigate challenges, such as training seasoned employees and leadership candidates. With your feedback, ASA arranges group dialogues with industry professionals to help you gain perspective on training issues in unique and busy departments that are resistant to traditional training plans. Over the weeks, you will gain perspective, network and share challenges with other training implementers, find solutions,  and you’ll walk away with a plan to roll out to improve the learning culture and make a difference in your workplace.

2021 workshop dates coming soon. Get on the waitlist today! Email ASA Senior Manager of Learning and Development Diana Bautz at for more details.

"I was committed to training, but couldn’t figure out how to maintain a sustainable program. I needed help. ASA ADVISE showed me the steps to take to properly train our team and develop knowledgeable employees motivated to sell product." - Justin Moss, Advance Plumbing & Heating Supply