ASA ADVISE is a unique interactive program that provides the tools to create an organization-wide training guide, along with the support to implement and maintain it.

Your opportunity for next-level training is right here. ASA ADVISE takes a three-phased approach that includes:

  • Pre-work planning to help identify your goals for the program and the key stakeholders.
  • A two-day virtual experience with other distributor members who are building their plan (Scheduled for Aug. 19-20, 2020; 1 p.m. – 4 p.m. Eastern each day).
  • Group webinars and phone support afterwards to validate the plan with leaders in your organization, overcome obstacles, and finally launch your training.

This $2,000 value is available to ASA members for $195. The registration deadline is Aug. 3.

Most companies do some amount of training, but without an overall structure and plan that provides focused, relevant, and purposeful training to all employees in their company. ASA ADVISE allows you to integrate what is already working in your organization and expand on it.

Don’t do training just for training’s sake. Do it with a purpose for onboarding, and engagement, and upskilling, and developing people, and company succession planning! Many ASA members tell us they don’t know where to start. Others share they’re assigning a few courses to new hires, but it’s simply not enough. If this is you, consider ASA ADVISE.

Trained employees:

  • Strengthen your leadership bench;
  • Work safely, efficiently and effectively;
  • Are more resilient, engaged and motivated;
  • Make fewer errors and deliver extraordinary customer service; and
  • Fully comprehend how they contribute to the profitability of your company.

Don’t miss your chance to take your workforce to the next level. For more information, visit