The average age of PHCP professionals, on both the contracting and distribution ends, falls somewhere around 50. Many of you have served the industry in tremendous ways through lengthy careers and deserve to reach retirement with the peace of mind that you’ve left the PHCP-PVF supply chain in good hands. Unfortunately, that isn’t where we stand today. 

Personally, I had no idea I’d end up in this industry, but now have no plans to ever leave. For me, all it took was growing to truly understand that this is the industry that builds our communities and daily lives. Hopefully soon, I’ll be able to watch my Carolina Panthers play in person again at the Bank of America stadium, which is full of pipes, valves and fittings manufactured, sold and distributed by professionals in our industry.

Although it seems like a no-brainer to those of us within the industry, it’s important to constantly be displaying the value of a career in this space. The quality, driven potential employees are out there, just wanting to find a career that will sustain them financially while they make a difference in the lives of others. A PHCP-PVF career perfectly encompasses those two things; we just have to make sure people know that.

Especially after the COVID-19 lock-downs, take advantage of the value in being an essential business; it means hard work, but it means you’ll always be working. Make connections on your social media accounts, websites, case studies, etc. We often say the PHCP industry isn’t “sexy.” While that may be true, many of the projects you work on are. 

Invest in media channels and marketing outlets that will reach the new workforce generation. Connect with local community colleges or even high schools, working together to get young people educated about the various career paths in our industry. 

When young people hear “plumbing,” there’s a whole list of things they may think of. Instead, make them think of the importance of clean water to public health, or the vitality of products arriving on-time to a medical facility under construction.

Compile social media posts introducing your staff so people understand what goes on behind the scenes and the numerous job titles they’ve never heard. 

Many throughout the industry are working tirelessly to combat this issue. It’ll take all of us doing our part to replenish the workforce and continue to spark interest by demonstrating the value behind the labor we have all grown to love.