• Six consecutive years of net membership growth among wholesaler-distributors as well as total membership, overall.


Business intelligence

  • Nearly three out of four members rank Business Intelligence as the No. 1 highest value program from ASA.

  • ASA’s Materials Market Digest, the IPD Commodity Reports and the ASA Advisor provide timely data and relevant statistics critical to your company’s success.

  • Leading information and analysis are critical to your success because they help you make confident, supported decisions that will advance your business along with your channel partners. 


More than 10K Employees
Trained through ASA-U Online for the past 5 years.

More than 70K Courses
Taken through ASA-U Online for the past 5 years.

More than 200K Training
Hours completed through ASA-U Online in past 5 years.

260 Courses Available
Through ASA-U Online.

29 Role-Based Tracks
in ASA-U.

More than $7.5M
Reinvested back into the industry from Karl E.Neupert Endowment Fund.

4 Graduates Honored
From the 3-year, 5-phase MDM Certification Program from ASA-U.

More than 11K Manufacturer-Specific Courses Taken
through ASA-U Online in past 2 years.



  • 70% of NETWORK attendees agreed that their attendance benefits their companies.
  • Our education sessions rated some of the highest this year in attendee “takeaway” at 85%.
  • Our networking events are always popular and once again more than 90% of NETWORK attendees benefited the most from networking programs with the conference appointments at the top of the list.


Emerging Leaders Spring Forum

2017 – 170 attendees
2016 – 145 attendees
2012 – 75 attendees