Generating sales leads can be a laborious, time-consuming, yet rewarding process that pays off in the end. And as any member of ASA and the PHCP-PVF industry knows well, the distribution channel requires ongoing maintenance, oversight and refinement. Political action committees and political fundraising are a little different.

In fact, when asked what aspect of the office that they like least, nearly every politician provides the same response: fundraising. Finding new donors and convincing past donors to contribute once again is not unlike the need to cultivate a portfolio of customers to call on to generate business in support of the company’s bottom line and future growth. The products our members manufacturer are amongst the finest in the world, but no item can sell itself without putting in the work on the ground, educating your partner to finalize the sale and giving them the confidence that this is a wise investment.

Our mission with ASA-PAC is no different. As the only representative of manufacturers and distributors in the PHCP-PVF industry in Washington, we have an opportunity to put forth our issues and concerns before decision-makers cast their votes in areas of our concern, a process that takes time, relationship building and educating of decision-makers. 

One of the most important ways that you can support ASA is by contributing to ASA PAC. Together, we are making a difference in the political process to elevate ASA’s priorities in the political arena. We have set a goal for the 2018 election cycle of $100,000 and we need every member of ASA to help. To date, we’ve surpassed collections from each previous year, but we can do better!

Being engaged in the political process is important as a citizen and as a member of ASA – every American deserves to have their voice heard. Our country was built on the foundation of political involvement and is most effective when everyone participates. It’s up to every member of ASA to help ensure there are officials elected into office who are committed to common-sense solutions that will foster a healthy economy.

Our goal is to support candidates who are likely to be supportive of our interests and concerns. ASA PAC is your voice in the political process and we take your contributions to the PAC seriously. And because of that, any ASA PAC member can recommend candidates who meet the above criteria for support to the PAC Board.

ASA has a number of important, yet achievable priorities. From protecting LIFO as Congress gears up to potentially rewrite the tax code to educating senior policy makers of our industry’s path to employing the next generation. With your help, we will assuredly get there! Join us today!