With a recalcitrant Congress muddling its way toward reforming health care and our uncompetitive tax code, members of ASA recognized the need to use their collective voice and have stepped up and given big(ly) to boost ASA’s voice in Washington, ASA PAC.

After nearly a decade of promises and living in the political wilderness, Republicans are in charge in Washington, but they failed at their first attempt to finally bring the relief from the burdens and costs of the Affordable Care Act that small businesses have asked for.

Even though there aren’t any major elections this year, businesses cannot afford to take the year off. Building on the progress we have made means continuing to press ahead in identifying and supporting candidates and
decision-makers who are starting up their campaigns. With your participation, you are ensuring ASA PAC has a strong, united voice in the political sphere. As we start a new cycle, the PAC is supporting candidates who meet our key criteria. Contributions to candidates now allows us to build on our relationships. With so much at stake, we must continue to engage in the process that shapes the climate in which we do business.

While contributing to ASA is critical to our success, it doesn’t stop there. There are a number of additional ways that you can help to accomplish the mission of educating current members of Congress and candidates about the things that matter to us and ensure a political environment that provides a positive business climate for your company. Here are a few things your company can do to help advance the PHCP-PVF industry in the public policy arena.

  • Host a PAC fundraiser at your facility. You host counter days, why not explore hosting a fundraiser for your local member of Congress?

  • Serve as an ambassador and voice for the PAC. Members recruit members!

  • Host a legislative update or PAC information session. Think of how
    a debate would be in your warehouse.

  • Suggest a candidate to be supported by ASA PAC. This is your money, tell us how you’d like
    it distributed!

Campaigns cost money, we all know that. By being under the tent and at the table, we’re one step closer to ensuring that the decisions they make help our companies, not harm them. Visit asa.net/PAC to learn how you can help your industry.