Those with the highest levels of energy and optimism are those who are quite literally in awe of life and the future, place no limits on growth, and attack each day with a “possibilities” mindset. For them, it is all about the future. These people are future-fixated and often are the innovators within organizations.

Bono of U2 tells us: “Forget about the past, we’re going to celebrate the future.” Jeff Bezos reminds everyone at Amazon that every day is “Day One” of the internet revolution. Ronald Reagan spoke of America as “a shining city on a hill” and its boundless promise. Steve Jobs famously explained that if you do something successful you shouldn’t dwell on it; you should continue on and do “what’s next.”

This mindset delivers an energy and optimism that catalyzes the change, creativity and innovation required to create your future. Consider the potential of a future-fixated mindset to fuel change — in yourself and within your organization.

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