With major changes coming from the Department of Labor, business leaders must do what it takes to voice their concerns. That is why past and present leaders of ASAsat down with the Obama administration to let them know the detrimental effects this rule would have on small businesses.

“The amount this would cost small businesses is into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which is unbudgeted — a complete nonstarter,” ASA Past President Joe Poehling of First Supply said.

Texas Plumbing Supply’s Glenn Fuller added: “Our employees strive to gain the opportunity and responsibility that comes with a salaried position. Now we’re faced with having to tell them that they’re going back to hourly wages. This will not sit well with them.”

Poehling and Fuller were joined by ASA Treasurer Steve Cook of Northeastern Supply and APR Supply’s Scott Weaver, another ASA past president.

While this regulation was written and will be enforced by the Department of Labor, it now sits within the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs where it is receiving the White House’s final review.

Also present were representatives from the DOL, and office of Management and Budget.