ASA University is building to become the one-stop shop for training and education for the industry, and ensuring the library of product training is comprehensive and current is a priority of the plan.

In 2014, the ProductPro brand consisting of industry product knowledge courses was expanded to include Introduction to HVACR. ProductPro courses will make your employees smarter about the products they sell. ProductPro-trained employees will make fewer errors, reducing your operating expenses and shrinkage, and increasing customer satisfaction. These highly effective courses also will help you get your new employees up to speed faster and build their confidence.

Introduction to HVACRprovides basic information about heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. The courses focus on how these systems handle air quality, temperature control, humidity regulation, heating, refrigeration and other aspects of climate control within buildings in a repetitive cycle. This course also includes definitions of common industry terms and descriptions of the major types of residential and light commercial HVACR systems and provides information that will help employees to better assist their customers. 

3D Schematic Solutions, a sub-brand of ProductPro courses available in residential, commercial and industrial applications, are interactive programs that illustrate pipe, valves and fittings in various systems. The lessons allow learners to visualize and understand what tasks these systems perform, and provide a basic knowledge about how each systems works. The 3D Residential Schematic - Cooling System focuses
on air circulation, air filtration, air cooling, cooling components and the refrigeration cycle.

ASA University offers these courses online in engaging and trackable formats. Find out more at or contact ASA-U staff at