If you are looking for strong training in the areas of HVACR or hydronics, look no further than the ProductPro® product knowledge courses offered through ASA University. These courses will make your employees smarter about the products they sell while reducing your operating expenses and increasing customer satisfaction.

Residential Hydronic Heating Systems© provides a basic understanding of the components and subsystems of a residential or small commercial hydronic heating system. Learners discover how the systems work, which helps them choose the proper components needed for a hydronic heating system. Additionally, basic hydronic training is available as a part of our 3D Residential Schematic©, which covers heat distribution, the main components of a hydronic heating system, safety devices, heat output and the indirect water heater in an interactive 3D model.

The new 3D Commercial Schematic© – Powerhouse is designed to help employees visualize how a powerhouse (the machinery, associated equipment and the structure housing it) is used in the generation of power in a commercial application. It contains five interactive lessons: Steam System, Steam Boilers, Burners and Combustion, Steam Traps and Feedwater System.

ASA’s new Introduction to HVACR© course, written by a professor of HVACR engineering technology, provides a basic foundation in the principles of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Through detailed illustrations, real-life examples and instructional text, learners acquire an understanding of the basics of electrical and mechanical components related to residential and light commercial heating systems.

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