When looking back on the history of InSinkErator®, it’s clear there are two keys that have contributed to this company’s 90-year run of success: technology and industry partnerships.

Since the first garbage disposal was built, InSinkErator has never stopped investing in technology and in industry relationships that are very important to all of us.

And so that brings us to thanking and expressing our appreciation for the American Supply Association, for its contribution to our industry and for the invaluable support it provides to the people in it.

We’re grateful for the investment that ASA is making in education, industry intelligence, advocacy and other activities from which we certainly draw benefits. We’re also proud to say that we’ve been long-time members and supporters of ASA and for what it means to developing relationships with wholesale professionals, who are the cornerstone of our business.

InSinkErator is aware of the challenges that each of you face on the front lines every day. Whether it be price competition, battles over inventory shelf space, the supply chain issues that disrupt production and shipping, or simply the changing tastes of the consumer, the challenges rage on. That’s why at InSinkErator we are renewing our commitment to all plumbing wholesalers to deliver the most advanced products that your customers want.

We’re excited to now be a part of the Whirlpool Corporation family of brands and are energized by the opportunities this new relationship presents. We embrace the vision of Whirlpool to deliver the products and conveniences that improve life at home. We also echo the words of InSinkErator President Joe Dillon, who said we look forward to working hand in hand with other Whirlpool brands to bring consumers the best kitchen experiences in the world.

To that end, we’re thrilled to announce that InSinkErator has invested in the development of new disposer technologies that will revolutionize installation and lead to better customer experiences. We’re extending our Lift and Latch technology, previously available only on our Power and Quiet Series models, to our Standard Series of disposals. Lift and Latch makes installation fast and foolproof, by removing the need to hold the mounting ring in place while attaching the unit to the sink. That saves time and eliminates hassle. We’re told installers appreciate the Lift and Latch feature, and we couldn’t be any more excited to make it available on our Standard Series models.

It is not a secret that there continues to be a staffing shortage. We know that it’s a struggle to hire enough staff to keep up with demand. But we also know that this is an ideal time for young women and men to consider a career in the plumbing business, and many are entering for the first time.

And while bringing in young, energetic and inexperienced employees may fill the staff roster, they will require hours and hours of training to help them get up to speed. The InSinkErator eLearning Center can be a valuable resource to help educate staff and help them become better versed in the products they will be selling each day. This free resource is available 24/7/365 and includes brief and entertaining courses on products, installation and sales techniques. Check with your InSinkErator representative to get your staff enrolled.

With all the ongoing challenges related to this industry, it’s more important than ever that we all come together, supporting each other, to look for better ways.

ASA is hard at work doing just that, and we are extremely grateful to this organization for its exceptional industry support.

Wishing each of you all the best in 2023!