Every person in Americahas some sort of connection with a military veteran or an active duty serviceman or servicewoman, whether it be a relative, co-worker or friend. Some of those who have served have come away with serious injuries while defending our country. Operation Rise & Conquer gives those who have been injured while fighting to defend our freedom, a chance to get back up and get over some of those physical and even mental hurdles they have endured. ORC gives these veterans an opportunity to go on a week-long adventure in Crested Butte, Colo. Working with the Adaptive Sports Center, participants have access to the finest equipment that allows even those with serious injuries to participate in outdoor activities such as rock climbing, mountain biking, kayaking, snow skiing, and much more.

Representing American-based wholesalers and manufacturers, the American Supply Association, spearheaded by the Young Executives Division, has taken on the challenge to raise $100,000 in 2015. In 2014, ASA’s YE’s were able to raise nearly $30,000 at the Spring Forum alone. That was a great start and ASA’s members are confident that they can accomplish this 2015 goal.


Leadership Development Week

In addition to raising funds at ASA events including the Spring Forum and Network2015, ASA has worked with the Adaptive Sports Center to host a Leadership Development Week, July 20-24. Participants will have a chance to tour the facilities and will also take on some of the challenges that these veterans will face, including blindfolded rock climbing, tying one arm behind the back and hand cycling to simulate what it’s like to do these already difficult activities that are even more difficult with a disability. Volunteer opportunities are also available year-round for those interested in assisting veterans in these activities. Contact Bill Erfort, ASA member services manager for full Leadership Development Week cost and sponsorship details at berfort@asa.net and 630/467-0000, ext. 212.


2015 Events

Already in 2015, ASA members have been taking this initiative head on. Bradley Corporation, in Menomonee Falls, Wis., has pledged to donate a portion of its summer sales to this campaign. Bradley will track sales to ASA members during June, July and August and contribute 0.5% of every dollar up to $75,000 to ORC. VAMAC, in Richmond, Va., hosted a cycling fundraiser on May 2, that enjoyed great success as well. 34 cyclists, including ORC’s Mike Frazier (USMC Ret.), using an adapted hand cycle after being injured in the service, along with other veterans, rode in the fundraiser. The event raised enough money to send the equivalent of nearly three soldiers to ORC.


What’s your contribution

What are you doing to contribute to Operation Rise & Conquer? Visit www.asa.net/ORC to make a contribution and see what other companies are doing to help fund this program.