The American Supply Associationis a federation of several regional organizations that formed nearly 50 years ago. One of the association’s regions fell on hard times in 2003 and remained without local leadership until recently when a small group of leading distributors stepped up to work with the national association to rekindle regional representation. Today, Southwest Central Distributors (SWCD), an affiliation of distributors, manufacturers and manufacturers representatives throughout Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado and New Mexico, has now become an official regional affiliate of ASA.


SWCD’s goal

The goal of the SWCD is to provide PHCP & PVF firms in the region the ability to connect, share ideas, learn and lead. Managed by the ASA and guided by volunteer leaders, the new SWCD region is a peer group of leading organizations less interested in building an independent organization; and more interested in seeing that ASA provides forums for employees to cultivate local peer networks, engage them in industry issues such as advocacy on the state level and gain greater insight as to what is happening in their local market.

More Information

 Educational and networking events have been planned throughout the region with both spring and fall sessions. For information on SWCD events or to get involved, contact the ASA at (630) 467-0000 or visit the ASA website at