The American Supply Association recently announced the launch of its workforce career recruitment effort to build a bridge from career seekers to association member firms that have active job openings. From interactive job ad placements to aggressive outreach to job seekers, the new ASA career recruitment program is an answer to a growing need for new labor among its members.

While many distributors and manufacturers are still at pre-2009 labor levels, many are beginning to ramp up their search for new employees. Specifically, the ASA recruitment effort is targeted toward reaching veterans and those transitioning from the military, high school and college as well as current industry employees seeking new career opportunities. 

In mid-February, ASA members began placing open job ads on the new ASA Industry Job Board. The association also is actively building links to people engaged in seeking career opportunities through numerous military sites, high-school guidance offices and college job boards. “Getting started has been a big effort. We are encouraging members to place their open job ads on our job board before we have the active traffic of job seekers.  This way, when job seekers arrive, opportunities await,” ASA Executive Vice President Michael Adelizzi said. “It’s like the chicken and egg situation. A firm wants traffic and job seekers want jobs. This effort will gain momentum in the coming months as job seekers find our industry.”

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