ASA Women's Networking Group


Today's PHCP and PVF industry is very dynamic and, at the same time, growing at a rapid rate. Traditionally dominated by males, we now see more and more women in our industry moving into leadership roles within both distributor and manufacturer firms.  As a progressive association, the American Supply Association sees the value of the increasing role women are playing. To foster this expanding role, ASA has formed a special networking group called WIN (Women in Industry).The group’s main focus is to provide women in the PHCP and PVF industry with the opportunity to not only connect, but also to empower, inform, educate and engage.

The mission of WIN is to provide networking and educational opportunities for women to share experiences and practices that will engage and establish them in leadership roles within the industry. “Bringing women in our industry together and facilitating their connection with each other to foster professional and personal growth will benefit the entire industry," ASA Executive Vice President Michael Adelizzi said. "Our hope is to not only increase their visibility, but also to encourage them to seek industry careers. Over the coming years as this group grows, ASA hopes that WIN will help women to connect with each other with the ultimate goals being increased involvement, visibility and networking throughout the channel.”

An April 2014 WIN event is being planned and WIN membership information will be available soon. Please visit the homepage of for more details in the coming weeks.