Ashworth College offers online HVAC destination with tips, techniques and strategies for personal and career success.

Ashworth Collegerecently created its HVAC Group within its online community as a resource for heating and air conditioning tradesmen and professionals, as well as those in related skilled trade professions, including electrician, construction management, and property management.

Ashworth’s nationally accredited onlineHVAC training programis among its most popular programs and the HVAC Discussion Group serves nearly 3,000 members (as of March 2012). The group is part of the larger 100,000 plus online Ashworth Community.

“Environmental issues are far reaching and diverse, ranging from conservation, public policy and personal behavior and impact nearly all skilled trades professions is one way or another,” saidAmy Bernard, director of Interactive Marketing for Ashworth College.

“A report from the New York State Department of Labor recently showed Heating/Air Conditioning Mechanics & Installers topping the list of common green occupations, proving that there is a need for dialogue within the trades. Ashworth Community’s HVAC group is ideal for these types of discussions which can benefit both students and non-students alike.”

Ashworth has been educating working adults for the past 25 years. With the launch of the HVAC Group, Ashworth now provides a state-of-the-art online resource that shares professional content with non-students, as well as social networking opportunities for existing students. Group members and visitors will find:
  • A network of motivated and engaged students willing to encourage others by sharing personal, professional and educational insights and successes. The latest state licensing requirements is among topics that are popular among members.

  • Online study groups comprised of current Ashworth students enrolled in one of its educational programs. Members offer assistance with lessons and provide moral support to group members.

  • Insights from students. Prospective students will benefit by learning from current students on what it is like to be an Ashworth student and how to be successful as an online student.

Source: Ashworth College