The Granite Group announced an exclusive partnership with Flair.

Since 2022, The Granite Group has been a key distributor of the Flair Puck Pro, a smart thermostat for mini splits. Given the continued growth of Flair in New England, The Granite Group is honored to have Flair's first exclusive distribution agreement for its Smart Vent product line for central systems. Flair Smart Vents offer cutting-edge technology to optimize home heating and cooling systems, providing users with greater comfort while promoting energy efficiency.

"Flair's innovative approach to home climate control aligns with our commitment to offering top-quality products to our customers. We are excited to be the exclusive distributor of Flair Smart Vents in the New England region and look forward to a successful partnership and the opportunity to introduce Flair Smart Vents to contractors in our network." - Mike Kelly, Senior Vice President of Business Development, The Granite Group

The partnership aims to enhance the overall customer experience by providing convenient access to Flair's state-of-the-art smart airflow technology. As part of this partnership, The Granite Group will be the exclusive distributor of Flair Smart Vents in Vermont, Maine, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The Granite Group's 56 wholesale branches and My Granite Access Online Store will make Flair Smart Vents easily accessible to HVAC professionals throughout the New England states.

"We are delighted to announce our exclusive partnership with The Granite Group. Their extensive reach and commitment to excellence align perfectly with Flair's mission to bring innovative airflow solutions to households. This collaboration allows us to expand our presence in the New England region and introduce Flair Smart Vents to a broader audience." - Daniel Myers, Co-Founder and CEO, Flair

This collaboration signifies a significant step for both Flair and The Granite Group in providing advanced and energy-efficient comfort solutions to the market. Both companies are enthusiastic about the positive impact this partnership will have on the HVAC industry and the comfort of homes in the New England region.