Here are top products from 12 different manufacturers that were featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times in 2011, in print and/or online These are based on the number of reader inquiries/clicks they generated. For more information on any of these products, please visit the companies’ websites.

A. O. Smith’s Cirrex line of solar thermal water heaters

Solar water heater

A. O. Smith has expanded its Cirrex line of solar thermal water heaters, now offered in 16 package systems. The all-in-one system captures up to 70% of the energy used to heat the home from the sun at a relatively low cost compared with other options. Adding more panels and a larger tank will further increase the system’s effectiveness. The Cirrex system is OG-300 by the Solar Rating and Certification Corp. and eligible for a federal tax credit of 30% of the total installed cost with no maximum. Additional state and local incentives may also be available.

A. O. Smith.

Victaulic’s Vic-Press

Flame-free press system

Victaulic’s Vic-Press is a flame-free press system that joins pipe in a matter of seconds. Vic-Press is designed for off-the-shelf ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless- steel pipe and is an industrial-grade solution for quickly joining smaller diameter piping systems. Pipe is cut to size and deburred, marked for visual verification and inserted into a lubricated coupling, fitting or valve. The Vic-Press system requires 70% fewer man-hours than welding to install and significantly reduces rework. No flame or arc is required.


Foremost Groups’ eight new Foremost bath collections

Foremost bath collections

Foremost Groups’ eight new Foremost bath collections include solid wood vanities and drawer boxes with dovetail construction. Additional highlights of many of the collections are self-closing concealed hinges, slow-close glides and finished surfaces treated with MICROBAN antimicrobial protection to fight stains and odor-causing bacteria. Collections are available to all Foremost customers, both retail and wholesale, across the U.S. and Canada.

Foremost Groups.

Moen’s Commercial Division’s M-Power line

Commercial flush valves, sensor faucets

Moen’s Commercial Division offers two new high-efficiency flush valve models - a pint flush urinal and dual-flush closet valve - as part of its M-Power line, which combines water savings and sanitary protection for commercial restrooms. Also part of the M-Power are the easy-to-use sensor-operated faucets featuring a unique motion sensor that starts and stops the flow of water. The hands-free activation also provides a hygienic solution and prevents the spread of germs and bacteria.


Uponor's Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe

Pre-insulated pipe

Uponor offers its Ecoflex pre-insulated pipe in 1”, 1 1/4” and 1 1/2” ASTM sizes. Ideal for commercial and residential applications that require insulated underground piping, ASTM Ecoflex features Uponor’s hePEX plus barrier tubing surrounded by closed-cell, PEX-foam insulation and covered by a waterproof, corrugated HDPE jacket, making it ideal for direct-burial applications.


American Standard’s ultra-high-efficiency manual urinal flush valves

Urinal flush valves

American Standard introduces ultra-high-efficiency manual urinal flush valves that cut water consumption by as much as 87% and are ADA compliant. The interchangeable brass pistons yield higher water efficiency levels for urinals (0.5 and 0.125 gpf) and feature non-hold open handles that automatically shut off after every flush. High-efficiency and ultra-high- efficiency models feature FloWise water-saving technology.

American Standard.

INAX’s spa- and eco-inspired REGIO “Integrated” Toilet

Integrated toilet

INAX introduces its spa- and eco-inspired REGIO “Integrated” Toilet for the first time in the U.S. It provides water-savings with a Vortex flush system that uses 100% of the water to fully cleanse the bowl and ensure a complete flush every time. A dual-nozzle bidet with both stronger and gentler streams provides hygienic and refreshing enjoyment via cleanse and water massage. Other features include a silent stream flushing system that sounds like a gentle, murmuring brook, as well as a sound system, heated seat, deodorizer and air purifier. Available in brilliant white and noble “matte” black.


Cleveland Faucet Group’s Capstone line of faucets

Capstone faucet line

Cleveland Faucet Group’s Capstone line of faucets features classic, traditionally styled faucets with linear detailing on the handles and spouts. Kitchen products include a one-handle pullout faucet or two-handle high-arc faucet with coordinating side spray in PVD stainless, PVD brushed nickel, chrome and old world bronze finishes. All are ADA compliant.

Cleveland Faucet Group.

The Viega ProPress System

Pipe-joining system

The Viega ProPress System is available for joining stainless-steel piping in sizes from 1/2” to 4”. The system, consisting of stainless-steel pipe, valves and fittings, provides a faster and flameless way to make watertight and gas-tight stainless-steel connections. Available in two stainless-steel grades (304 and 316), and with more than 600 fitting configurations, the ProPress system is ideal for industrial and commercial installations or applications.


Lenox’s Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw

Speed slot hole saw

Lenox’s Bi-Metal Speed Slot Hole Saw presents a new design that increases its height by 10%. Features include an enhanced tooth form, thin kerf design and advanced coating to improve the cutting process, while a wider, staircase slot is placed low on the saw and has multiple leverage points. The saw also removes dust and chips while cutting to prevent the plug from getting stuck. Sizes range from 9/16” to 6”. Lenox will also offer a compact storage case that can hold up to seven Speed Slot Hole Saws in multiple sizes.

Lenox Tools.

Slant/Fin introduces its Lynx 120 Combi-Boiler

Lynx combi boiler

Slant/Fin introduces its Lynx 120 Combi-Boiler, which combines a heating boiler and a domestic hot water solution. The LX-120-CB is currently available producing 120,000 Btu. It comes complete with an ASME H Stamp-approved cast aluminum-silicon heat exchanger and a free, 5-year parts and labor warranty.



Water-saving faucet outlets

NEOPERL’s SLC Spray includes silicone tips for a softer, gentler stream and for protection against lime buildup. Simply rub the silicone tips like you would with a showerhead to clean the outlet. PCA Spray SLC is pressure compensating for high performance in all pressure conditions and is available in 0.5, 1.0 and 0.35 gpm for maximum LEED points. Its integrated anti-clogging dome screen filters sediment. Available in regular and small sizes.