The American Supply Association (ASA) was officially formed in December 1969 through the merger of two groups: The Central Supply Association (CSA) and the American Institute of Supply Associations (AI). ASA is a not-for-profit national organization serving wholesale distributors and their suppliers in the plumbing, heating, cooling and industrial pipe, valves, and fittings industries.

Distributors, manufacturers, service vendors and independent manufacturers representatives.

The board of directors has 25 members, including six manufacturers and one manufacturers rep. The executive committee has nine members, including two manufacturers.

Mission Statement
“To drive the effective and consistent implementation of quality programs and services which improve the operational efficiency and marketing effectiveness of the wholesale distribution channel, resulting in market share growth and return-on-investment improvement for its members.”

Notable Achievements

  • Education, technology and government liaison activities.
  • Neupert Endowment Fund, expected to reach its original goal of $10 million in funds raised this year, making it possible to invest more resources in quality training for the industry.
  • Established the Center for Advancing Technology to assist industry trading partners in adapting new technological tools to improve profitability.

Current Priority Projects

  • To continue building the library of educational resources through the Education Foundation (thanks to the Neupert Endowment).
  • To develop the Industry Database and continue promotion of the use of electronic commerce.
  • To see a renewed emphasis on member involvement in the legislative and regulatory process in Washington in issues such as: asbestos lawsuit relief, estate tax repeal, federal water infrastructure fund development and OSHA reforms.

    A Word With…Inge Calderon, executive vice president of ASA

    When asked what's in store for ASA, Inge Calderon said, “We're looking forward to 2006 as a time when we will be reaching out to more and more of our members, both wholesalers and manufacturers, to get them more actively involved in the association's programs and services. As our menu of educational tools and training opportunities grows, it makes sense for us to be sure that our members are familiar with what we are offering. Visiting with them and listening to what they have to say is a critical ingredient to making sure our future efforts are headed in the right direction.

    “Our convention this year will once again feature 'Network '06' together with PHCC, and we're very excited about the great programs that we'll be creating that will focus on our entire supply chain. We'll also be partnering with Messe Frankfurt to bring ISH North America to Chicago (September 28-30 at McCormick Place).”

    Current Staff, Officers and Directors

    Dottie Ramsey
    Modern Supply Company

    George Conyngham Jr.
    Eastern Pennsylvania Supply Co.

    Joel Becker
    Torrington Supply Co.

    Colin Perry
    Rampart Plumbing & Heating Supply

    Michael Abeling
    Consumers Pipe & Supply

    Dennis Broderick

    William Kenny
    Kenny Pipe & Supply Inc.

    Jeffrey New
    Mid-City Supply Co.

    David Siegal
    Hercules Chemical Co.

    Inge Calderon
    American Supply Association