ASA President-Elect Joe Poehling gives his address at the ASA Annual Member Luncheon Meeting.

Close to 1,000 wholesalers, manufacturers, manufacturers reps and contractors of the PHCP/PVF industry came together at Network’08 in Atlanta, Georgia, September 30 - October 3, 2008.

In addition to outstanding educational and networking opportunities that are the fundamentals of every ASA annual convention, ASA used this year’s program to introduce new ventures and speak of its strategies for the future.  ASA’s President-Elect Joe Poehling of First Supply in Madison, Wisconsin laid out his agenda for 2009 and spoke directly to achieving goals set forth in ASA’s newly developed strategic plan.

“ASA’s long range strategic plan involved a lot of hard work that has produced five vital goals with specific strategies on how to achieve them.   All carry a common intent - make ASA and its members strong in a successful and powerful industry no matter what the environment in which we have to navigate,” stated Poehling during his presentation to the ASA membership.  “That environment today is certainly very turbulent and daunting, with a flat to negative economy and massive governmental bailouts.  I believe this makes ASA even more important to us as a unified and strong voice for our industry.  We are all more powerful and able to be successful when we collaborate and team-up together.”

Poehling went on to identify the 3-5 year planning horizon goals included in the strategic plan to help outline what he looks to achieve in the coming year:  cultivate business success, develop an educated industry, provide a unified voice, promote social responsibility and widen ASA’s capacity to serve.

In addition to saying what he will do as president, he helped ASA’s members understand that they, too, have some work to do.  “The power of any association comes directly from its members. For ASA to be effective in advancing the interests our industry, we need YOU. Every one of us can strengthen ASA by being engaged and active participants,” he told the group.  He closed with an inspirational vision for the membership, “Today our industry is 75,000 professionals and $69 billion in revenues.  This is a powerful opportunity.  Each of us must do everything possible to maximize our ability to stand united and strong as we meet the demands that we all face in our jobs, our communities and daily lives.  I invite YOU to discover the power of ASA by being a part of it.”

Bill Shea of Mueller Industries and David Finkel of Davis & Warshow network at the reception sponsored by the Young Executives Division of ASA.

ASA Chairman Joel Becker (L) and Executive Vice President Mike Adelizzi (R) honor outgoing ASA Vice President John Martin for his years of service to the association.

Jeff Beall of American Pipe & Supply, connects with Steve Letko and James Coulas III of Weldbend at the IPD Open House.

ASA President Jeff New thanks ASA Chairman Joel Becker for his years of leadership on ASA’s Executive Committee during the Board of Directors meeting.