Here are the top products featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times from each of the last five years. Here are the products from the year 2004. They were picked based on the number of reader inquiries received after their publication. We have limited each manufacturer to one appearance on this list. They are also categorized by year on this website.


American Plumber

The cabinet water softener from American Plumber is made of molded plastic, requires 8.43 cubic feet of space and holds up to 225 pounds of salt. The company says it reduces mineral deposits, iron stains, scale buildup, soap film and water spots on pans, glassware, sinks and tubs, and it extends the useful life of water-using household appliances.

Circle 263

Armstrong Pumps (S.A.)

Armstrong Pumps’ circuit-balancing valves are 1/2 to 2 inches and can be installed with the measuring ports facing up or down. The non-rising handle ensures the overall valve height remains the same whether it is opened or closed.

Circle 264

Little Giant Pump Co.

Little Giant Pump Co.’s new ES50D and ES33D models are energy-saving,  fully submersible sewage/effluent sump pumps. They have a piggyback diaphragm switch designed for the professional plumbing contractor. The ES50D model has a 1/2 hp permanent split capacitor motor, and the ES33D model has a 1/3 hp permanent split capacitor motor.

Circle 265


Heatlink’s 27-page condensed installation guide is designed to help professionals select a system type with a matching control strategy. The book covers system selection (wet, DryAbove, DryBelow), heat loss/design, site preparation, how to choose the proper manifold, the do’s and don’ts of installing PEX, basic wiring requirements, control system categories and system startup.

Circle 266

Zoeller Pump Co.

The 841 3.0 hp grinder pump from Zoeller Pump Co. is new to the “Shark Series.” These pumps can be used in small lift stations, housing developments or pressure sewers. Standard features include a corrosion-resistant epoxy powder coat, hardened stainless steel cutter, class F windings, dual mechanical seals with leak detection, thermal overload protection, upper and lower ball bearing construction, and bronze vortex impeller.

Circle 267


Danfoss series “H,” or Heavy Series, will complement the company’s model 80E and 100E check valves. These will eliminate startup problems in water well systems due to sand and debris by not allowing debris to collect. This series option is available in 1-inch check valves and foot valves.

Circle 268


Eemax has partnered with Climastar, the Spanish manufacturer of the patented Heater Stone. Electric heating elements initiate heat, which is retained in the stone and radiates to heat the room. The decorative stone is available in marble, granite or slate finish and mounts on the wall. Four hours of radiant heat from the stone are produced for every one hour of real electric heat consumed.

Circle 269