Here are the top products featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times from each of the last five years. Here are the products from the year 2006. They were picked based on the number of reader inquiries received after their publication. We have limited each manufacturer to one appearance on this list. They are also categorized by year on this website.


American Standard

American Standard created the Lifetime whirlpool, featuring Comfort-Jets that are easy to clean and engineered to push more water deeper into the tub.

Circle 244

Delta Faucet

Delta offers a single-handle option in its C-Spout product line. The faucet features a one- or three-hole installation with an optional escutcheon and is available in chrome and Brilliance stainless finish.

Circle 245


Symmons introduced the Visu-Temp with Clear-Vue shower and tub/shower systems with an ergonomic design and easy-to-read display. The Visu-Temp system features a solid brass, bronze and stainless steel piston-style pressure-balancing valve that automatically adjusts to equalize the hot and cold water pressure and a handle limit stop screw so that a safe maximum temperature level can be set.

Circle 246

Bell & Gossett

The VSX (vertical split-case excellence)  series includes three pumps. Available are the VSC model (top suction, top discharge flanges), VSCS model (side suction, top discharge flanges) and the VSH (side suction, side-discharge flanges). Computational Fluid Dynamics allows any of the three VSX models to provide the identical level of hydraulic performance, no matter the orientation of flanges.

Circle 247


Swanstone has launched a line of six decorative wall shower panel kits designed to fit shower floor sizes of 36 inches by 36 inches, 34 inches by 48 inches, and 32 inches by 60 inches. The panels are cut to size, and the kit includes the shower wall panels, molding strips, soap dishes, adhesive, caulk and pressure-sensitive tape. The panels are offered in 33 solid and granite colors, including the Barcelona design shown here.

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Moen Inspirations introduced a stainless steel curved shower rod that provides an additional six inches of elbow room in the shower. Available in chrome and brushed nickel finishes.

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Fernco’s Storm Drain System is designed to drain excess water quickly from driveways, garages, pool and patio areas and walkways. It is also engineered for strength and ease of installation.

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Victaulic’s Advanced Groove System (AGS) for large diameter pipe features a wedge-shaped groove that provides high-pressure rating (up to 300 psi) service for 14- to 24-inch piping systems. The unique design ensures strong joint integrity and a continuous seal around the gasket, as well as a longer “A” dimension to eliminate pipe flare.

Circle 251

Here are the top products featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times from each of the last five years.


LENOX offers carbide-tipped metal cutting circular saw blades made from industrial-quality titanium carbide. They are available for steel, aluminum and thin steel cutting applications designed for cordless, hand-held and large diameter dry-cut metal cutting saws.

Circle 252


Grundfos offers two new configurations in the integrated variable-speed drive E-Circulator line. Series 1000 pumps are suitable for constant temperature, flow and pressure control. Series 2000 pumps add the capability of differential pressure with the use of a transducer to the pump suction and discharge flanges.

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