Here are the top products featured in editorial coverage in Supply House Times from each of the last five years. Here are the products from the year 2005. They were picked based on the number of reader inquiries received after their publication. We have limited each manufacturer to one appearance on this list. They are also categorized by year on this website.



Kohler has introduced its new Purist Hatbox toilet, a tankless electric toilet with an elliptical shape and clean lines and surfaces. The toilet uses the company’s Power Lite technology - a quiet .2 hp electric pump fully enclosed within the toilet bowl that provides a powerful flush using 1.6 gallons of water.

Circle 254


Hansgrohe has produced a brochure showcasing the Pharo Showerpanel Lift, including line drawings and charts with feature descriptions and dimensional data. The bather is able to adjust the height of the entire showerpanel using a hydraulic system that provides an extra eight inches of vertical movement. The Showerpanel Lift combines a seven-inch Downpour Air showerhead, a two-spray handshower and six adjustable bodysprays into a single pre-plumbed and fully assembled package, including flow and temperature controls.

Circle 255

Watts Radiant

Watts Radiant has introduced its hydronic catalog, featuring several new products in the manifold line, such as the new modular radiant manifolds - SnapMan, new thermostats and controls including a receiver and zone valve/actuator, and Hydronex modular control panels. An interactive catalog is also available online.

Circle 256


NIBCO’s NEXT-Pure is a complete PEX potable water system that contains fittings, valves, connections and pipe. The pipe contains a UV stabilization package, which protects it from damaging sunlight during installation and storage. It also contains no toxic chemicals, is chlorine resistant and meets the ASTM F2023 standard. It is available in 3/8- through 1-inch sizes and comes with crimp, sleeve and clamp connections.

Circle 257

A.O. Smith

An updated 16-page Residential Water Heater Catalog covers A.O. Smith’s entire line of water heaters. New additions include the ProStar on-demand tankless gas water heater and a line for manufactured housing.

Circle 258

E.L. Mustee

E.L. Mustee & Sons introduced the UTILATOP laundry tub top cover, model 19.204A. It conceals the tub interior and provides additional counter space. The heavy-duty molded thermoplastic cover overlaps the tub sides to lock in place.

Circle 259

Sloan Valve

Sloan Valve Co. introduced the Optima Plus ERF Series sensor-operated faucet, which uses patented RF technology that provides a wireless link between the spout and the battery-powered control module. It enhances sensor operation and reduces false detection by combining both passive infrared and active infrared technologies, and audible signals provide installation guidance and diagnostic cues.

Circle 260


Elkay has a new collection of lavatory sinks designed for children’s bathrooms. They are fabricated from solid-surface composite material and available in seven vivid colors and six designs, including tulips, fish, butterflies and hearts.

Circle 261

Bradford White

A new heat trap design will be installed on all Bradford White residential gas and electric water heater models with 3/4-inch NPT top inlet and outlet water connections. They can also be purchased as service parts for installation on older non-heat trap style dip tube and anode rod assemblies. The design incorporates a small disc that reduces heat loss, creates a true dielectric connection on the top water inlet and outlet fittings, and reduces noise associated with ball-type heat traps.

Circle 262