Capturing True Spirit Of Marketplace

Great editorial by Jim Olsztynski (“Checkers Turns To Chess,” Supply House Times, October 2007, page 80)! He captured the true spirit of the marketplace circa 2007. And not only that, but there continues to be a confluence of transition that used to be evolutionary that is now revolutionary. With globalization, Jim Olsztynski’s article on Metropolitan Industries (Supply House Times, October 2007, page 46) also is prophetic. Globalization is taking our industry to new and exciting vistas. Opportunity will manifest itself in different venues. Yet all those who embrace change and leave their comfort zones will be vastly successful.
Thanks for editorials that are meaningful as opposed to politically proper.

Peter M . Lewnes 
Preferred Sales Inc.
Hermitage, PA

Web Sites For Buying And Selling

It was a pleasure reading Joan Adams’ recent article in Supply House Times, “Finding New Customers” (October 2007, page 24). The part of the article that hit closest to home for me was her suggestion or endorsement to try selling surplus PVF on eBay. For the most part, this article validated my vision that suppliers need a Web site dedicated to the plumbing industry where suppliers and contractors can buy and sell surplus goods and services.
One year ago my partner and I started a plumbing auction Web site similar to eBay, but dedicated to the plumbing industry. The name of our company is eXchange Plumbing Products Online, and our Web site We are another source for contractors and suppliers to use for their surplus goods and services.
Our basic products are free and we will do the listings on the site for the supplier or contractor. Our fee is a 10% commission on all items sold. 

David E. Herbert
eXchange Plumbing Products Online LLC
Greenfield, WI

Do You Know Who You Are?

Great article by Jim Wheeler (“Do You Know Who You Are?” Supply House Times, October 2007, page 70). Thanks for the ink. My father, Tom Riley, had a slogan: “If we don’t have it...You don’t need it!” and he made sure we backed it up. The contractors’ largest cost is labor. They can’t afford to have their men traveling from supply house to supply house when they should be on the job.
After reading Jim Wheeler’s article, we are going to bring the slogan back. Our philosophy has worked in these tough times as well. We are ahead of last year’s sales and still maintaining our margins.

Michael Riley
Riley Sales Inc.
Plymouth Meeting, PA