Greenbuild thoughts

I just read Bob Miodonski’s editorial ( “How to make Greenbuild better”) in the November 2011 issue and enjoyed it. I agree that Greenbuild could and should stay in the U.S. for the foreseeable future. Maybe I would not have gone anyway, but a U.S. city would have made it more likely that I would attend. I do know that IAPMO’s presence was downsized, but date conflicts might also have had something to do with it.

On the panelist’s issue, however, I come down on the side of the panelists. Having been in the position many times of speaking in a poorly planned venue, I can imagine the frustration of the panelists. The noise distraction must have significantly altered their perception of how much the audience was able to hear. I’m surprised the professionals at Greenbuild/USGBC let that happen.

Steve Lehtonen
Senior Director, Environmental Education
Green Plumbers Training & Accreditation
The IAPMO Group
Ontario, Calif.

Doc Rusk memories

Jim Wheeler’s article in the November 2011 issue ( “Time to promote accessories”) brought back many memories. As one who conducted business withDoc (Tom) Ruskand worked with him on different projects, Jim’s article brought a smile to my face. Doc was a great asset to the HVAC industry and was a man ahead of his time.

I knew Doc from my days with The Williamson Co. After we sold it to an investment group, I moved on to become sales manager for the Cincinnati-area Carrier distributor. I had a very close working relationship with Doc’s nephew,Jim Morrison, and his great nephew,Steve Morrison. Today, Steve owns Rusk Heating and Cooling.

Though I retired two years ago, I still enjoy reading your articles.

Joe Rettig
Retired sales manager
The Habegger Corp.
Carrier Division
Cincinnati, Ohio

The nameless driver

I wanted to tell you that Dan Holohan’s column in the November issue ( “The nameless driver”) was excellent. I made everyone in my office read it. This is a people business and doing simple tasks such as picking up the garbage on the beach can go a long way.

Matt Larkin