A sneak peek at the outstanding lineup for 2007.

Starting this month and continuing through the upcoming issues of ASA News, we will highlight some of the outstanding programs and events on the agenda for Network ’07.

WHERE: Anaheim, CA
WHEN: October 24-27, 2007
REGISTER: www.asa.net OPEN NOW!

HIGHLIGHT #1: Facing the Forces of Change with Adam Fein, Ph.D.

Arguably our industry’s foremost industry trend study, the 2007 edition touches on the hottest trends facing wholesalers and manufacturers today and in the near future. 

Presented by the study’s chief author, Adam Fein, Ph.D., each of the four major trends will be discussed in-depth:

  • Private label products
  • Demand-driven channels
  • New profit models
  • How the Internet connects customers like never before

    The three major markets in which PHC and PVF wholesale distributors operate - construction, industry and commercial, and retail consumer - are addressed as part of the study. This event is a must participate for manufacturers and wholesalers across every size and geographic spectrum.

  • HIGHLIGHT #2: The Art of Supervising and Motivating People, by Edward J. Felten

    Ed, former President and Chairman of the Board of First Supply LLC in Madison, WI, brings to life his 2006 book in an optional, all-day seminar.

    Good managers today are looking beyond simply hiring good people and counting on them to carry the torch. Many are seeking new ways to motivate positively and establish a loyal and dedicated long-term team. 

    While this seminar is designed for new managers, those who have been around for years can learn a lot from Ed and his 40 years of “people experience” and gain a renewed energy in dealing with our day-to-day management challenges.

    HIGHLIGHT #3: Grand Opening Reception

    Network ’07 provides the only opportunity in the industry where manufacturers, wholesalers and contractors can network together at a single event.  Greet your customers, salute old friends and generate new relationships at this unique industry event.

    For a complete agenda and registration information, visit www.asa.net or call 312-464-0090.