ASA provides strong Aagenda for PVF distributors and manufacturers.

ASA’s Industrial Piping Division (IPD) is the one national organization that meets the specialized needs of today’s pipe, valve and fittings distributors and manufacturers. Since its inception, IPD has sought to focus on the unique needs of industrial PVF distributors and manufacturers, as well as broaden knowledge of this specialty beyond the confines of the IPD members. The ASA Annual Convention has long been the centerpiece of networking and educational opportunities for IPD activities in support of the PVF industry. This year is no exception, and also includes new and expanded programs for this segment of our membership.

This month’s Network’07 highlights provide insight into the sessions designed specifically for IPD members and all PVF distributors and manufacturers. Keep reading to see what’s in store for you… 

HIGHLIGHT #11: IPD Open House - Building Relationships

The hugely popular IPD Reception takes on an expanded format this year with the IPD Open House. Recognizing that interaction with industrial PVF manufacturers and their customers is well-suited to take place in an environment outside of a table-top program, ASA has enhanced the IPD Reception to include an IPD Open House. This exclusive opportunity provides IPD vendor members a showcase for their company during the expanded (2.5 hours!) reception with a designated seating area, banners and signage and the ability to display product literature.
IPD distributors can use the additional time to meet with vendors, discuss partnership matters and - as always - connect with friends and colleagues from around the country. (Open only to IPD members, ticket required.) For vendors seeking information on displaying at the IPD Open House, please contact Amy Black at or 312-464-0090 x208.

HIGHLIGHT #12: IPD Breakfast Program: Evolution of Success, An Economic Journey

IPD’s own Dr. Donald McNeeley, President and COO of Chicago Tube and Iron Corporation, will take attendees on an evolutionary journey through the increasingly commoditized world of wholesale distribution, identifying distinct strategies for today’s leaders to successfully navigate the nuances of this changing market. He will speak to the value of manufacturing and its vital role in the economy.
Time permitting, he will also discuss the role of Private Equity and its implication on the economy and our industry. As always, this event also allows members time to use this session as a working breakfast with partners before the start of the program. (Open only to IPD members, ticket required.) 

HIGHLIGHT #13: Mining For Gold in a Competitive Market - Recruiting New Employees Through Industrial Distribution Programs

A panel discussion moderated by Dr. Kathryne Newton, Associate Professor at Purdue University, this session will offer many perspectives and tips on successfully recruiting directly from the many colleges and universities with well-regarded Industrial Distribution programs. 
Each year, these programs produce a large group of graduates that are looking for jobs. How do they find you? They don’t. You must find them. Open to ALL attending distributors and manufacturers, this workshop seeks to provide valuable information on a topic relevant to PVF distributors and manufacturers and other ASA member companies. 

Not a member of ASA’s Industrial Piping Division? There is still time to join prior to Network’07 and participate in all of these valuable events! Go towww.asa.netand visit the Special Interest Groups section for an application.
For more information, please contact Amy Black at or 312-464-0090 x208.

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For a complete agenda and registration information, visit or call 312-464-0090.

As a reminder…
WHERE: Anaheim, CA

WHEN: October 24-27, 2007

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